You can find credit history online with one of credit Bureau (CRB). The two largest of these are "Equifax" and the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH). To request a free customer of any office has only once a year. As a rule, for a time the credit history of a person, changes can occur that will affect future relations with the banks. If you wish to obtain information on credit history often, each subsequent query will cost about 500 rubles.
To use the services of nbki it will be possible after registration on the website of the Agency and transmission of personal identification. To prove their identity the user may be different, for example, to visit the nearest branch of Mail of Russia with a passport and send a certified letter. There is also the opportunity to visit the Agency's office with a passport personally. Thus to obtain the credit history you can right on the spot: once the identity is confirmed, you will be allowed to take an official computer, using which you will be able to know the credit history free of charge.
Order Agency a letter containing the activation code of the account. To get it will be on the Post of Russia on presentation of a passport. This procedure will allow the customer to not only see the story through the portal, but to find out how much the borrower currently attractive for organizations, and how likely is a positive decision on the loan. Also, in your account borrower provides such functions as receiving help from the Central directory, SMS alerts, transactions with various assets, challenging history data, etc.
Bureau "Equifax" has a special service "Credit history online", which is also available only after registration on the website. Identify your personality by visiting the Bureau personally or by certified telegram through the post office, which has telegram service. The fastest way to learn the credit history it is possible with a personal visit to the office. When using the Internet will have to wait for a response for 10 days or more.