Many different reasons cause a need to clear their credit historyand wanting to do even more. Few people know that in nbki credit information is stored for 15 years since its last update. Clean credit history is quite difficult, can only improve. However, all is not lost, as the cases of removing bad reviews were. First, we need to make a request for your credit history. To do this, call the "hotline" National credit Bureau at +7 (495) 221 78 37.
If you are absolutely sure that your credit reputation is soiled in error and not justified, be sure to demand explanations from the Bank. Not just ask, and understand the reason why this situation arose. If you manage to prove that such information is untrue, it will be required to remove from the database.
Sometimes credit history deteriorates very minor moments. For example, the credit card debt in the amount of ten rubles, can make you delinquent. In this situation it is enough to pay off, and your reputation will improve.
If the credit history is spoiled in fact, untimely execution of obligations, or you have failed to refute incorrect information, just trying to improve the reputation. To do this, first take a loan for a small amount and pay it in time. Next, complete your loan for a little more money, and again, perfectly it will do it. Such small loans and responsible execution of the contract will change the attitude of the banks. And therefore improve the credit history. At the end of the loan term, don't forget to request a certificate of no debt. And keep all receipts confirming the fact of payment of the monthly payment.