You will need
  • code of the subject of credit history,
  • passport data (series, number, issue date) or other document proving the identity.
Send a request to the Central catalogue of credit histories:
If you are aware of your own code, you can fill out a form on the Internetwebsite of the Bank of Russia. You will need to specify the email address that will receive the response of the CCCI, and your individual code of the subject of credit history. If the code is unknown to you, then it does not exist, can be created by contacting any credit institution (Bank) or credit Bureau (see the register of Bureau of credit histories at the Bank of Russia website). The request is served personally or by a representative of the subject of credit history. For this you will need a passport (or other identity document in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation). For representative, the document referred to above and a document confirming the availability of the relevant authority (power of attorney, minutes of General meeting of founders of the legal entity, etc.) In principle, the code can not create, according to the, you can go to any Bank with a statement on the results list of credit Bureau, where he formed a your credit history. The cost of this service in the Bank will be from 300 to 500 rubles.
Turning to the specific credit Bureau to obtain credit history once a year for free unlimited times for a fee).
This can be done by personal visit, providing a copy of your passport, or by sending a notarized application by mail, or by filling out the application form on the website of the Bureau of credit histories, and within 1-10 days, you are required to provide your credit history. Thus, on the Internetyou can interact with CCCI or BCI, sends queries to obtain the necessary information, but to get a credit history directly on the Internetdo impossible. You need to come get her personally, you can send a proxy, or by postal mail.