Today, all banks are cooperating with the Bureau of credit stories (BKI). This database contains over 40 million dossiers on almost every borrower who has ever applied for credit in one of banks. Having access to a database of BKI, a Bank may for a couple of minutes to obtain information about potential customer and based on it to approve or to reject the application for the loan. Thus, getting into the blacklist of at least one Bank, you will almost certainly be to bounce and turning to other banks.
To check your credit history, you need to know what the KJV it is stored. To make a request to the Central catalogue of credit histories. It is possible that your file is in several databases. Today in Russia there are 31 credit bureaus. The largest of them – National Bureau of credit histories.
Contact you need the KJV. By law, every citizen has the right once a year free of charge to obtain information about the status of your credit history. Re-treatment will cost from 200 to 500 rubles.
A written request can be done by coming to the Bureau with the passport or by sending a registered letter, indicating your name and passport details. Please note that in the latter case, information must be notarized.
BKI is obliged to give you a response within 2 weeks.