Advice 1: How to check credit history for free

First of all, it should be noted that to obtain my credit history for free once a year. Charge – indefinitely. This is the first. Second, do not forget that the credit history is stored in one of the credit bureaus. They are called – Credit bureaus, for short MDU. If the credits obtained in different banks, then credit history may be stored in different credit Bureau. Full list of BCI is located at (the Federal service for financial markets). Third, to obtain the credit history you have to know your code the subject of credit history. This is a set of numbers and letters that the borrower has the first loan.
How to check credit history for free
So, here are the steps to getting credit history for free:
Online your credit history can be found on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in the section the Central catalogue of credit histories": ;
In this section you need to select the left menu item "Request information about Bureau of credit stories";
Select the item "Subject" (this is required information);
Next, fill out all passport data and code of the subject of credit history; an email address;
Click on the "Send data";
To the specified email address will receive a response from the CCCI (Central catalogue of credit histories). If the answer will be that none of BKI is not stored the required credit history, which means that it simply does not exist.
If the code of the subject of credit history is unknown or forgotten, you must do the following:
Contact with your passport to any Bank. Under Federal law the Bank is obliged to provide a list of credit Bureau, state and commercial, where it can be stored need a credit history.
Next, write a Bank statement with a request to provide a list of BKI. Banks cannot refuse on the basis of lack of applicants code of the subject of credit history, because banks can request such information and no code
After the Bank will give you a list of BKI, we can only go there and get credit history for free. If the BCI is in another city, can be sent to the Director of the Bureau a statement in the free form, but not necessarily notarized. The statement is sent by regular mail and the credit history of the CRB will be sent to your specified address, within 10 days, as prescribed by law.

Advice 2 : How to request credit history

All the people, anyway, watch your credit history, but is carefully watching the credit Bureau, abbreviated BCH. It depends on them that you get from the Bank: the money or the refusal to grant the loan. And if you pursue one after the other failures, it's time to request a credit history.
How to request credit history
Find out what BCI is your credit history. To do this, send a request to the Central catalogue of credit histories that will give you all the information. It is not excluded that data about you is stored in several offices.Please note that to find out credit history only through the official sources. All offers, promises, for a fee, to provide history loans any citizen, no more than tricks of swindlers. To get the full credit information for each person, the fraudsters had to steal all the data from BCI (in Russia today there are more than 30) and to access the database updates that it is almost impossible.
Please contact the office of BKI where is your story. From the documents it is necessary to have only a passport. If in your community there is no representation of your organization, you can send a request by registered letter to the address of the desired Bureau. The letter must specify the passport data, all information must be notarized. The credit Bureau must provide you with an answer within two weeks. Once a year you can request information on your credit history totally free. The cost of re-treatment – 200-500 rubles.
Find your credit history through the Internet, on the official website of the Central Bank Here you will be prompted to enter your information along with a digital code, which is usually issued along with the contract on the loan. If that code you have for some reason not, you can get it in the Bank, but on a paid basis.
Get to know your credit history you can and after the Bank refused you a loan. You must come to the Bank and request for a credit history. To deny you are not eligible.
Useful advice
Sometimes credit history errors occur, which may cause for refusal of successive loans. You have the right to challenge data. To do this, apply at the credit Bureau. The application shall be considered within one month, then the credit Bureau will either update your story, or leave it without changes. If that doesn't work, go to court.

Advice 3 : How to find credit history online for free

Consumer loans are very common nowadays. Often it turns out that the release of the funds to the client refused, citing unfavourable credit history. To find out whether the rights of the Bank or not, you can find credit history online. This can be done for free.
To know the credit history free
You can find credit history online with one of credit Bureau (CRB). The two largest of these are "Equifax" and the National Bureau of credit histories (NBCH). To request a free customer of any office has only once a year. As a rule, for a time the credit history of a person, changes can occur that will affect future relations with the banks. If you wish to obtain information on credit history often, each subsequent query will cost about 500 rubles.
To use the services of nbki it will be possible after registration on the website of the Agency and transmission of personal identification. To prove their identity the user may be different, for example, to visit the nearest branch of Mail of Russia with a passport and send a certified letter. There is also the opportunity to visit the Agency's office with a passport personally. Thus to obtain the credit history you can right on the spot: once the identity is confirmed, you will be allowed to take an official computer, using which you will be able to know the credit history free of charge.
Order Agency a letter containing the activation code of the account. To get it will be on the Post of Russia on presentation of a passport. This procedure will allow the customer to not only see the story through the portal, but to find out how much the borrower currently attractive for organizations, and how likely is a positive decision on the loan. Also, in your account borrower provides such functions as receiving help from the Central directory, SMS alerts, transactions with various assets, challenging history data, etc.
Bureau "Equifax" has a special service "Credit history online", which is also available only after registration on the website. Identify your personality by visiting the Bureau personally or by certified telegram through the post office, which has telegram service. The fastest way to learn the credit history it is possible with a personal visit to the office. When using the Internet will have to wait for a response for 10 days or more.

Advice 4 : How to check credit history

Credit history of each person is formed, changed and updated regularly. Test is not just for banks or other organizations entitled to do so, but the citizen himself. For further data, contact the special services.
Credit history
The most simple and at the same time reliable method of getting credit history is making a special request on the official website of the Bank of Russia. Among the many topics you must select the link "Request the credit Bureau". The system will ask you to complete a short questionnaire consisting of several questions. It will be necessary to enter your personal and passport details and e-mail address. The response will be sent to the email address will contain information on the Bureau that have a credit history. The last stage of verification is a formal request of information from these organizations. Ways of getting credit history you can ask our specialist on the phone or come to the office personally.
To check the credit history can be a more complex way. You will have to apply to any branch of any Bank or credit Bureau and to request the provision of necessary information to you. This method has one drawback. The information you provide, but please note that it can reflect inaccurate information. Credit history in different bureaus can vary, so for sure it is better to write queries in several organizations. If the response will indicate that the credit history you have there, it means either that you did not take loans and do not have delinquencies or your data is stored in another office.
Most of the banks, before granting the person a loan, be sure to make inquiries with the credit Bureau. Based on these data, a decision on the withdrawal or refusal. Some organizations provide a paid service through which you can at any time to check your credit reputation. Free to specify such data you can once a year on the official website of the Bank of Russia. Paid service can be used unlimited number of times.
Please note that when you apply the query information, for example, on the website of the Bank of Russia, you will need your "code entity." This code consists, as a rule, of fifteen digits and is indicated on your application to the Bank for a loan. If you don't remember or have no ability to recover such data, to know the information you need at the Bank where you took out the loan. It is better to apply to the credit institution in which you took the loan obligations for the first time.
There are many websites that offer their visitors to check the credit history. To trust such sources is not necessary. Information may be distorted or inaccurate. In addition, for the service, as a rule, you will need to pay a certain amount or to send a paid SMS from your mobile phone. If you need accurate and reliable data, it is best to consult official sources. To consider the information, for example, on the websites of the KJV or CCCI (Central catalogue of credit histories the Bank of Russia).

Advice 5 : How to check your credit history

Most banks do not issue loans to customers who already have a large number of loans or overdue payments. Therefore, if you receive rejection after denial of the loan, you should check your credit history.
How to check your credit history

What is a credit history

Credit history is a record of the borrower containing information about the performance of their loan obligations. In particular, about when and what amount he borrowed, whether there has been delay. Also a dossier of information about current loan debt.

The credit history is stored for at least 15 years. Contrary to popular belief, change is impossible. Only if you can prove that it contains erroneous data. Thanks to it banks have reduced time searching for information on borrowers and increases the accuracy of predictions according to their reliability. Largely on the basis of credit history, the Bank decides about the loan approval and the conditions for its issuance (the amount the interest rate).

All credit history with the borrower's consent is transferred in Bureau of credit stories (BKI), and some of them - the Central catalogue of credit histories (CCCI). They contain information about more than 95.5 million subjects.

How to know your credit history

The citizen of the Russian Federation can once a year for free to know your credit history. The procedure can be divided into two parts. The first thing you need to do to know where is stored the credit history. This can be done online on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the section "Request for information about the BKI. After navigating to a website, select a subject. Next you need to enter the full name, passport details and email address. To request your code need to know the subject of credit history that is attached to the credit agreement. After requesting your e-mail address will receive a list of BKI where is stored your credit history. If you took the loans in different banks, information on loans may be kept in several credit Bureau. If the credit history is not in any of BCI, you will receive a message that the credit history is absent.

If you don't know the code of the subject of credit history either not formed at all, please contact any Bank statement with giving you a list of BCI that store your credit history. Banks can request this information without a code. This service in most organizations is paid.

Once the list of BKI that you can contact them with the request on granting the credit history. This can be done by personal visit with the presentation of a passport - this option is only available if the BCI is in the same city as the residence of the borrower. Otherwise, you must send the application by mail. But then it must be notarized. After 10 days you must obtain a credit history listed in the application return address.

Advice 6 : How to know your credit history online for free

Applying for a loan, the borrower can hear from the representatives of the Bank's refusal to issue money. Quite often this is due to the fact that the person has a flawed credit history and financial institutions consider the risks of non-repayment of the loan is very high. To avoid such unexpected troubles, you need to know your credit history beforehand, and if it is positive then with quiet soul to go to the Bank.
How to know your credit history online for free

Credit history and its structure

Database for a particular borrower containing detailed information about their obligations and their performance on existing credit contracts, called credit history. The law established that to know your credit history free has the right to every borrower, having previously a number of procedures.

Credit history with the consent of the borrower is transferred to the credit Bureau and kept there until 15 years from the date when it was made the last entry.

Credit history is a document that includes the following sections:

1. personal information – identifying information about the recipient of the loan. For physical persons – a surname name and patronymic, passport details, marital status, place of work, your education. For organizations the basic data is the name of a legal entity, its egrn, INN, activities, and more.

2. the main part includes information on the type of loan, amount, interest calculation, timely or late payments, as well as the presence of an open credit and current debt.

3. additional closed part contains information about all the creditors with whom the borrower had a contractual relationship.

Credit history not reported borrower's assets, its acquisitions, as well as additional personal information.

To know your credit history free you may need the code of the subject of credit history.

How to find credit history online

To know your credit history free online you must visit the official Internet resource of the Bank of Russia and go to the tab "Credit history". On the next page you should fill in the form, putting in your code the subject of credit history and e-mail address to which the Central catalogue of credit histories will send a response.

How do you know your credit history with credit bureaus

Learn about your credit history free credit Bureau. It is worth noting that free the borrower may make a request only once a year. The following queries in unlimited quantities served for the set fee.

Information on credit history may be given in electronic or written form in several ways, which requires:

  • send mail to the credit bureaus notarized statement to receive information on the credit history;
  • to send to the Bureau a telegram with the attached statement;
  • register online on the website of the Bureau, to submit your application, and then contact the office for identification, or send a telegram (in this case, the applicant's signature shall be certified by an employee of the post office);
  • personally visit the office of the credit Bureau and get a credit report.

How to send a request using the post office to receive credit history

Another way that you can learn about your credit history for free, is submit a request to the credit Bureau through the Mail of the Russian Federation. To do this, at your local post office, which operates the Telegraph services, to issue a statement indicating personal identification data and e-mail and you should receive a response from a catalog of credit histories.

If the data in the credit history are not true, then this can be challenged. The credit bureaus may update the history, if you agree with the arguments of the borrower, or leave it as is, which entails filing a lawsuit in court.


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