So, here are the steps to getting credit history for free:
Online your credit history can be found on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in the section the Central catalogue of credit histories": ;
In this section you need to select the left menu item "Request information about Bureau of credit stories";
Select the item "Subject" (this is required information);
Next, fill out all passport data and code of the subject of credit history; an email address;
Click on the "Send data";
To the specified email address will receive a response from the CCCI (Central catalogue of credit histories). If the answer will be that none of BKI is not stored the required credit history, which means that it simply does not exist.
If the code of the subject of credit history is unknown or forgotten, you must do the following:
Contact with your passport to any Bank. Under Federal law the Bank is obliged to provide a list of credit Bureau, state and commercial, where it can be stored need a credit history.
Next, write a Bank statement with a request to provide a list of BKI. Banks cannot refuse on the basis of lack of applicants code of the subject of credit history, because banks can request such information and no code
After the Bank will give you a list of BKI, we can only go there and get credit history for free. If the BCI is in another city, can be sent to the Director of the Bureau a statement in the free form, but not necessarily notarized. The statement is sent by regular mail and the credit history of the CRB will be sent to your specified address, within 10 days, as prescribed by law.