What is a credit history

Credit history is a record of the borrower containing information about the performance of their loan obligations. In particular, about when and what amount he borrowed, whether there has been delay. Also a dossier of information about current loan debt.

The credit history is stored for at least 15 years. Contrary to popular belief, change is impossible. Only if you can prove that it contains erroneous data. Thanks to it banks have reduced time searching for information on borrowers and increases the accuracy of predictions according to their reliability. Largely on the basis of credit history, the Bank decides about the loan approval and the conditions for its issuance (the amount the interest rate).

All credit history with the borrower's consent is transferred in Bureau of credit stories (BKI), and some of them - the Central catalogue of credit histories (CCCI). They contain information about more than 95.5 million subjects.

How to know your credit history

The citizen of the Russian Federation can once a year for free to know your credit history. The procedure can be divided into two parts. The first thing you need to do to know where is stored the credit history. This can be done online on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the section "Request for information about the BKI. After navigating to a website, select a subject. Next you need to enter the full name, passport details and email address. To request your code need to know the subject of credit history that is attached to the credit agreement. After requesting your e-mail address will receive a list of BKI where is stored your credit history. If you took the loans in different banks, information on loans may be kept in several credit Bureau. If the credit history is not in any of BCI, you will receive a message that the credit history is absent.

If you don't know the code of the subject of credit history either not formed at all, please contact any Bank statement with giving you a list of BCI that store your credit history. Banks can request this information without a code. This service in most organizations is paid.

Once the list of BKI that you can contact them with the request on granting the credit history. This can be done by personal visit with the presentation of a passport - this option is only available if the BCI is in the same city as the residence of the borrower. Otherwise, you must send the application by mail. But then it must be notarized. After 10 days you must obtain a credit history listed in the application return address.