You will need
  • job reference;
  • help support your changing social status
If you found yourself a job, then withdraw from the account in the center of employment is quite simple. Bring to scientists from the centre a certificate of bookkeeping from your main place of work that you are employed and receive wages. On the basis of such a document will remove you from the database of people seeking work. But it's really only if you have a job in an employment contract without an employment record.
Your task is simplified if you get a job in the organization where the necessary employment history. In this case, you will need to take help from the HR Department of the company where you were employed, that you are accepted and begin their duties. You have to get your inspector out of the center of employment in order to give you back your documents, including your labor. Together with the issuance of securities at the same time you will be removed from the account.
In addition, you can just come to the center of employment and to personally write a statement about what you no longer need the services of specialists. You will then be removed from the account and return the documents.
You are required by law in certain intervals to visit the centre of employment and to implement all the recommendations of specialists. If you miss a few mandatory appearances, you will be removed from the account automatically.
Also, you will be removed from the account and in that case, if you come under following categories. The ones who had been restored to his former workplace dream by a court decision; those who went to study at a higher education institution, assuming the job; those who have retired during the registration in the center employment. In all these cases, you need to provide certain certificates in support of your changed status.