You can also prepare a special blend Nightingale, also called "mash". Its basis is raw carrots, finely grated. In vegetables are also added chopped boiled egg and boiled curd is well pressed on the fine sieve to the minimum water content. All three of these components must be well mixed and "season" the mixture of crushed biscuits white bread.
This recipe is versatile and can be a bit improved in accordance with the taste preferences of your pet. You can afford some experiments and see what will best please the Nightingale. According to reviews from owners of these birds, they love this ingredient as a dry gamarus, which is commonly sold as food for aquarium fish. Kamarius need to brew with boiling water, and after swelling to contribute to the mix.
It is believed that may appeal to warblers and adding to the feed of various chopped greens. For example, dandelions, lettuce or nettles. Convenient and useful for the nutrition of Nightingale dry seaweed, which are sold in almost any pet store as pet food or fish. Do not be redundant and bone meal or a mixture of vitamins for the birds as another ingredient.
The owners of nightingales, with a lot of free time, and closely watching their health and are preparing a more complex mixture, which, in addition to all the above mentioned ingredients are also added dried berries, fruits, some organic milk powder and even crushed pine needles. But this recipe has its drawbacks: it is impossible to prepare for the future in large numbers, since the more the ingredients, the faster it will deteriorate and sour.
It is not necessary to bypass their attention meal worms and ant eggs, find them in modern pet shop will not be a big problem. These "meals" are familiar to Solovyov, living in the wild. Usually a bird can eat up to 40-50 worms per day, but after a time of singing, veterinarians recommend reducing this number to 10 to give the birds to enter the normal state.
Regarding the time of feeding, as in other songbirds, food for the warblers, you need to give twice a day – morning and then in the evening, 2-3 hours before dark. And the second part should be more abundant than the morning. It is also necessary to observe the physical condition of birds, as nightingales can be prone to obesity, especially in the absence of natural stress and prolonged overloads.