Start with exercises on the "displacement void". Look anywhere and subconsciously move the void." This will teach you to focus and look.
Try to relax the muscles of the body but hands, nevertheless, have to move. Do persist until the muscle tension during movement of hands subsides.
Start the course on the movement of material things. Take a small piece of paper and fold it perpendicular to two times in half. Insert a sewing needle or pin in the lid of the plastic bottle, the plug, a lump of clay. To needle middle put the bent piece.
Put the needle with the piece at eye level, at a distance of 2-3 meters, to exclude the possibility of breathing.
Try to focus on the solar plexus, feel with your hands, how it moves heat. Feel at the fingertips and on the palms tingling and warm. If you turn your palms to each other, you should feel some tension, like there is an inflated balloon.
Relax, sit back. The place for exercises should be well lit. Bring your hands to the piece and focusing, try to turn the power of thought.
At this point you are not what you think, relax, never mind of all thoughts, breathe deeply. You only have to want the piece turned and internally, to see this process.
Do this exercise each time for about thirty minutes. It is best to do this at night as at that time the brain is less active.
Do not worry and do not doubt their abilities. If not immediately, then be sure that success will come after three to five days of constant training.
Remember the most important thing in this business - belief in themselves and their abilities. If you believe in yourself you will definitely achieve the desired result.