You will need
  • - plastic Cup;
  • - match;
  • - thread.
You can start your family tree. Perhaps your family have already been possessing a psychic. If you ask your grandparents. If you are lucky and the owners of paranormal abilities exist in your genealogicheskiy tree, you will be much easier to learn how to move objectswithout touching them. In addition, you can even do without training, as your abilities can Wake up at any moment.
If wizards in your family is not found, do not worry, you can achieve all by yourself. Look on the wall some point (if you have a new Wallpaper without stains, draw it yourself) every day for 15 minutes, concentrate their attention on it. You must sit comfortably and be relaxed. Think of your eyes emitted rays that hit the spot.
After you have learned to concentrate, complicate the exercise. Now stare at the point, rotating the head. If this exercise was given to you, draw on the wall the second point a little below the first, and focusing on the top, smoothly translated the look on the bottom. You have to create the impression that your view is stuck to the top and pulls it down.
Take a plastic Cup and put it in front of him on a hard chair. They would sit on the floor. Making over a glass passes hands (what – you tell your intuition, the power of thought push. Careful and regular performance of this exercise the result should appear within a week.
Take a match, tie it on a string and hang. Now, making passes with his hands, try to force the match to turn around its axis. The result should appear within weeks.
After you successfully mastered the exercises to move the plastic Cup and matches, you can move larger objects, guided by the same principle.