The first thing you will need to learn the practice of mind control. These are the skills of relaxation and the ability to stop the internal dialogue. Relaxation is a state of absolute muscular relaxation and calm mental activity. Internal dialogue revolves in the mind of any person. Try not to think about anything twenty seconds.
Take a string and tie it to a paper weight. Hang a string with a weight on the level of your eyes at a distance of 2-3 meters. Sit in a chair and stop the internal dialogue. Watch the cargo. Gradually receiveit opinion, then concentrate. Repeat a few times. Then call inner desire movement (without a path). You need to understand what feelings arise when telekinesis. This exercise is carried out at the beginning of training.
Learn to control inner desire movement. The inner desire of motion is an abstract motion perception or process without the participation of objects and associations. Imagine that the vehicle is in motion. At the same time, the head should not be associations with the image of cars, roads and everything connected with it. Remove from consciousness all objects and images, leaving only a sense of movement. When you master this condition, repeat the exercise with the load, mentally asking its trajectory.
You need to learn to concentrate on a certain subject. Close your eyes and imagine a glass of water. Imagine how the water slowly decreases. As it is descending, induce a feeling of warmth in the head and on top. Now the water begins to slowly arrive to a glass. Call dizziness.
Imagine that your head is a vessel, and you - water. The eyes are open. You slowly flow through the body, arms, legs. You emerge from the body and spread out on the surrounding objects, sharp jerk back into the vessel again flow from him and poured all around. The head pulsates. You switch from one subject to another directed stream.
Close your eyes. Feel like a stream of water. You slowly spill out of the Cup and picking up speed, pour all around. Rise above your body, above the place where you are. Search for glass - you find him and join him, merging with the water inside, return to yourself, open your eyes and take a deep breath.
With regular training you will learn how to manage their thoughts, emotions and body and the result will fully learn the practice of telekinesis.