In no case do not start to practice until you learn the theory. Now there are a variety of books on hypnosis that can help you master the subtleties of this art. Take courses not necessarily: often, their goal is to collect money, not a transfer of useful information. Read books and record in a notebook the most important moments.
Try to do some basic exercises. Make sure that nobody distracts you. Sit so that you have an unforgettable experience, relax, calm down and concentrate. Look at his hand lying motionless and start to convince yourself that your hand is getting heavier. Keep thinking about it until you feel that your arm is really heavy. Repeat the exercise with the other hand. Hypnosis does not always involve the introduction of TRANS, so this suggestion also applies to this art.
Try to instill their will on another person. It does not need to put him in a trance: just reassure him, make him obey your orders. First, you can practice on friends, and then strangers. It is this ability to inspire develop some fraudsters, forcing people to do uncharacteristic for their actions, or even give strangers personal belongings and money.
Go to more complicated exercises. Lie down, relax and concentrate on your thoughts. Imagine that you walk down a corridor with many doors. Try as clearly as possible to draw in his imagination all the details of the corridor. Then go to any door and open it. Consider a room, concentrate on it. Having mastered this exercise, you can imagine that behind the door is the person you have not seen, or a piece of your past.
When you will gain experience and be confident enough in myself, try to be in a trance. You must be someone who can Wake you up if something goes wrong.