You should start with simple exercises that will make you more receptive. To do this, make cards and draw on them of various geometric shapes. Then, after a relaxation session, you need to attach cards to the middle of the forehead and concentrate on the image. After a few lessons you will be able to identify shapes by inner visions, the most experienced can see the image, even just taking the card in hand.
Then you need to go directly to a telepathic practice, for this exercise you will need a partner. The quality of the transmitted image you can use the same cards as in the previous task. Better to start at the minimum distance, you have to be in the same room, but not to look at each other, not to interfere with the perception of nonverbal signal signals.
One person looks at a card and concentrates on it, trying not just to project the image to the brain, but pass it to a second person. The second man, straining all of his telepathic ability, trying to receive a signal and draws the image on the sheet of paper.
After all the images ends, it is necessary to compare the results to understand whether between people of mental connection. If the first participant wishes to train your abilities, you will need to swap places and do the activity again. But overdoing it is not worth it, because after 2-3 sessions of telepathic abilities come to naught.
Comparing the results, in the end you can understand what type you belong to, because most people are better sends or receives a signal, and only a few can do both. As soon as this exercise will be easy, you can complicate it, gradually increasing the distance up to different streets or even cities. And the main thing - do not worry if psychic abilities do not show themselves clearly, in any case, these exercises allow you to sharpen perception.