Advice 1: How to hypnotize person eyes

In the face of a man lies a great power. The look that attracts people, subjecting them to their will, is called the magnetic, or hypnotic. Lucky, innately magnetic glance, not much. However, magnetic look can develop any man with the help of special exercises. What gives? In the professional field – the competitive advantage for the speaker – success in speeches, in personal terms – magnetic attraction for people.
How to hypnotize person eyes
The exercise on the concentration
Take a white sheet of paper in the center of the sheet draw a black circle with a diameter not exceeding 2-3 cm, Attach a sheet of paper on the wall. The point should be level with your eyes when you look at it from a distance of 1-2 meters. Your task is to in for some time motionless to the spot. You can start with the 1-minute exercises.
This exercise should be done daily, increasing its duration by 1-2 minutes every 2-3 days. More than 15 minutes of exercise is not recommended.
In the process of exercises you need to concentrate on the point without any distractions. Blinking the eyes not; be allowed except to raise eyebrows. Maybe rich watery eyes, but with regular exercise it will stop. If you are tired eyes, can be rinsed with cold water or make a compress. It is also desirable to exercise the concentration in the morning or evening hours, under natural light.
Complication exercises for concentration
Now exercise can be difficult.

- Slip sheet in the direction (left/right) for 1-1,5 m. View in front of him. Then, without turning his head, look to the circle for 1-3 minutes. Pause for a moment and repeat the exercise 5 times (also with pauses).

- Walk around the room, continuing to look at the point.

- Fabricate several sheets with circles. Moving around the room, move your eyes from one point to another.

- Stand against the wall and quickly "run through" the eyes from one point to another: circles, zigzags, along, across, cross-wise, etc. Exercise should stop as soon as you get tired eyes. Before that calm gaze, stopping it at one point.

- Stand at a distance of 1 m from the wall with a circle. With fixed gaze on a circle, rotate your head in different directions up-down, left-right, in a circle. (This exercise is also useful as charging for eyes).
Exercise with mirror
When the concentration of view acquired, you can begin to develop a Central view.

For this you need to sit in front of the mirror and stared at her own image – specifically, in the nose.

The first trainings with the mirror, draw a point on the nose.

Start the exercise with 1-3 minutes, every 2-3 minutes you need to add 1-2 minutes (but not more than the minute 15 minutes!).

The point from exercise to exercise should reduce, replaced by bright paint on the lighter.
Exercises with portraits
This exercise should be done in a room where the walls hung many large size portraits or photos of people of both sexes.
Sit in front of the portrait and look at it for 1 minute, giving a look into the nose of the depicted person. You can do the same with portraits of other people. Opinion it is necessary to translate fast, fast.
If we use the magnetic view on the people
First, you need to train with someone of his friends. Seat of his friend in front of yourself and look at it's Central eye as long as he was not asked to stop.
Practice, practicing, in practice, the magnetic force of the eyes. Your eyes and face should retain its natural expression, but the look should reflect your strength, will, desire.
Stop look
Aerobatics in possession of the magnetic gaze – stopping look.
For example, you can tame look evil dog (which is not recommended, if you have not developed a perfect magnetic look). The power of sight, you can stop attackers or bullies. As it once could do, for example, Grigory Rasputin.
By the way, the Japanese geisha was also a master of the art magnetic look. After all, the true geisha was considered one that could stop a man in his eyes.
To produce the perfect magnetic look, you need to constantly train. But the result is worth it, isn't it?

Advice 2 : How to develop the ability to hypnosis

Since ancient times, hypnosis is considered one of the most effective methods of psychological pressure, and often it is used in medical and therapeutic purposes. Methods of hypnosis, despite their diversity, have much in common, and you can try to master them to successfully continue to apply to other people. Start with learning three or four ways to hypnotize human, and then improve skills.
How to develop the ability to hypnosis
Seat the patient in front of him in a comfortable chair so that your eyes are at a higher level than the patient's face. The right hand take a man for the left hand by placing fingers on the pulse and your left hand put it on his right shoulder. Demanding and calmly ask the person to look you in the eye and relax, and then for five minutes, trying not to blink, look at the nose of the patient.
Speak calmly and clearly with the following phrase: "You feel exhausted", "You are sleepy, do not resist this desire, "Soon you will fall asleep, but sleep will be short and helpful for you, and Then you Wake up and feel the vigor in the body and a burst of good mood".
Saying all four phrases, but hand lying on the shoulder and on the pulse of the hypnotized, stand behind him and tell the patient closed his eyes. Move your hand over his eyelids up and down, and then wait 5 minutes and say several times: "Sleep! You were already asleep.
You can also use for dipping of a person in a state of hypnosis small shiny object, for example a metal ball or a mirror. Place the item before the eyes of the person in front of the nose, and then use a familiar phrase, hypnotizing the person. Shiny object located at the level of the forehead, will add up to hypnotic effect, as your patient will automatically reduce the sight at one point.
In order for the hypnosis was even more effective, the room should be observed corresponding to the atmosphere – turn on soft relaxing music, the lights do dim and bright, give your patient the opportunity to take a comfortable position in an armchair or on the sofa.
Phrase that you inspire to the person that he needs to sleep, speak in a calm voice, without any change of tone and without raising it, and the slower will be your words, the more effective will be the hypnosis. Don't forget to bring people out of hypnosis appropriate phrase that may be accompanied by cotton palms.

Advice 3 : How to learn the art of hypnosis

The art of hypnosis exist in ancient times. In our time it has not lost its popularity, because thanks to the hypnosis it is possible to adjust the mindset to get other people to perform certain actions, etc.
How to learn the art of hypnosis
In no case do not start to practice until you learn the theory. Now there are a variety of books on hypnosis that can help you master the subtleties of this art. Take courses not necessarily: often, their goal is to collect money, not a transfer of useful information. Read books and record in a notebook the most important moments.
Try to do some basic exercises. Make sure that nobody distracts you. Sit so that you have an unforgettable experience, relax, calm down and concentrate. Look at his hand lying motionless and start to convince yourself that your hand is getting heavier. Keep thinking about it until you feel that your arm is really heavy. Repeat the exercise with the other hand. Hypnosis does not always involve the introduction of TRANS, so this suggestion also applies to this art.
Try to instill their will on another person. It does not need to put him in a trance: just reassure him, make him obey your orders. First, you can practice on friends, and then strangers. It is this ability to inspire develop some fraudsters, forcing people to do uncharacteristic for their actions, or even give strangers personal belongings and money.
Go to more complicated exercises. Lie down, relax and concentrate on your thoughts. Imagine that you walk down a corridor with many doors. Try as clearly as possible to draw in his imagination all the details of the corridor. Then go to any door and open it. Consider a room, concentrate on it. Having mastered this exercise, you can imagine that behind the door is the person you have not seen, or a piece of your past.
When you will gain experience and be confident enough in myself, try to be in a trance. You must be someone who can Wake you up if something goes wrong.
Useful advice
You must be absolutely confident in their abilities. This confidence must be present both on a conscious and subconscious level, otherwise, doubt will destroy all your attempts to learn hypnosis.
Is the advice useful?