You will need
  • - plastic Cup/box of matches/piece of cloth;
  • pencil.
Take the study of your ancestry. Ask relatives, visiting cousins, grandparents, and wondered whether there were in your family people whom the neighbors called sorcerers or even just considered strange and preferred to pass their house party. If among your ancestors found people with paranormal abilities, to learn telekinesis, you will be much easier.
If you are starting to learn to move objects at a distance of from scratch, the first thing you need to learn to concentrate. To begin, draw on the wall point and look at it for fifteen minutes a day without distraction and not thinking about anything except that point. This exercise only at first glance seems easy, however, to be focused on a small spot for such a long time is very hard. After you succeed, you can safely go for further training.
Complicate the exercise. You need to stare at the spot on the wall, while making head movements, lashing his legs, moving hands. If you've mastered this exercise, you can begin to experiment on objects.
For starters it is better to take light objects – plastic Cup, an empty box of matches, a piece of cloth. Put the subject in front of himself, so he was clearly visible, and you sat straight. Focus on it just as you focused on the point and start to give your box a mental promise to move. Do not try to immediately toss the object at the other end of the room, a few millimeters suffice for your beginning. Lest you doubt the results of the exercises, before the experiment can pencil mark the boundaries of the subject. With due diligence, a week later you will learn to look to move light objects.