Advice 1: How to bend a spoon with the power of thought

Known hoaxer URI Geller, famous around the world for their paranormal abilities, easily bends the spoon and does not believe this trick is something special. He believes that to bend the spoon by force of thought will be able to everyone – we just try and really want it. Himself URI Geller and his gift (which is not only about bending spoons, but also in the stopping of the clock, reading her thoughts, the ignition of light bulbs, etc.) does not consider unique, and, therefore, to develop their abilities. So, in order to bend the spoon look, act:
How to bend a spoon with the power of thought
You need to remember is the peak of emotional experience, that is your feelings when you first fell in love, first kiss, his first intimacy, or when you first saw your newborn baby. It should be an explosion of emotions, excitement, peak experiences.
Try to strengthen your emotions and focus them in the eyes or fingertips, concentrating in the future place bend spoons. The more you strengthen your feelings, the mental effects will be more powerful. You have to really experience your feelings again and tossed them in a spoon. If it is necessary to scream, yell, growl – growl, cry – cry. Do whatever helps you to concentrate your emotions and focus on the spoon.
Feel very spoon, sharing with her your feelings.
Look through the hand or pass this feeling to the spoon. Transferring your thoughts spoon is comparable with the voice microphone (this is due to the oscillatory properties of the signal). Saw her look, or rascality hand. Each effect can be your. Sometimes contact with the spoon and even with the future site of bend to achieve the desired action.
The spoon will begin to lean in the direction in which you will receive. First, quite a bit, barely noticeable. But this is the result. When the spoon will bend, the goal is achieved, do not leave their classes. Practice, train, strengthen effect. Develop your capabilities.
Stress or any doubt (as your and your viewers) will cause the opposite effect, and your power of thought at this point might not work.
Useful advice
Start with a cheap aluminum spoons. They are much easier to bend with my hands and with my mind. Then go to practice on the thicker spoons. Even the silverware can be bent, if you have long and successfully practiced it.

Advice 2: How to bend plastic pipe

In the manufacture of structures of plastic products often have to bend the elements, giving them a desired configuration. In bending of such products there are several ways. The choice of a particular method depends on the available tools and the required accuracy. To bend, for example, a plastic pipe, you will need to work at it thermally.
How to bend plastic pipe
You will need
  • forming machine;
  • - fibreboard;
  • - silicone;
  • template;
  • - gas burner;
  • construction Hairdryer.
To give the desired shape tube is made of polystyrene pre-manufactured frame made of fibreboard. Collect the form, in accordance with the length of the pipe and its diameter. After fitting the rims carefully apply it with sandpaper.
Molding machine manufacture of silicone shell for the plastic part. She will need to secure the tube on the rim and surface protection of plastic against scratches, chips and dents.
Insert the plastic pipe into the shell. Secure the item in the frame of hardboard. Place the entire design on the moulding machine. After heating the plastic will soften and begin to okazyvatsya to the frame. The product will take the necessary curved shape. Wait about ten minutes before they could release the pipe. Now the product can be removed from the mandrel and leave to cool.
In the absence of molding machines use a heat gun or gas burner. Pre-fabricated template that will match the shape of the future bent tube. It is desirable to avoid bending the plastic with sharp turns, so the template should have a smooth curve across its surface.
Mark the bend pipe. Move the heating device in place of the intended bend. In doing so, ensure the distance from the source of high temperature to the products was not too small to prevent ignition of the plastic.
Continuing to work on the pipe with a Hairdryer or torch, slowly roll the tube along the axis. When plastic becomes soft and pliable, place it on a prepared template and bend, bringing the bend to the desired angle. Comply with patience and accuracy, not to get tear of the product. Hold the curved pipe in the template to until it cools off. The hardened plastic off of the template and use as directed.
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