You need to remember is the peak of emotional experience, that is your feelings when you first fell in love, first kiss, his first intimacy, or when you first saw your newborn baby. It should be an explosion of emotions, excitement, peak experiences.
Try to strengthen your emotions and focus them in the eyes or fingertips, concentrating in the future place bend spoons. The more you strengthen your feelings, the mental effects will be more powerful. You have to really experience your feelings again and tossed them in a spoon. If it is necessary to scream, yell, growl – growl, cry – cry. Do whatever helps you to concentrate your emotions and focus on the spoon.
Feel very spoon, sharing with her your feelings.
Look through the hand or pass this feeling to the spoon. Transferring your thoughts spoon is comparable with the voice microphone (this is due to the oscillatory properties of the signal). Saw her look, or rascality hand. Each effect can be your. Sometimes contact with the spoon and even with the future site of bend to achieve the desired action.
The spoon will begin to lean in the direction in which you will receive. First, quite a bit, barely noticeable. But this is the result. When the spoon will bend, the goal is achieved, do not leave their classes. Practice, train, strengthen effect. Develop your capabilities.