Learn to relax. For this exercise you should be able quickly and correctly to relax. Many psychological exercises that you can notice that line. To learn how to relax quickly in several ways. Lie down as comfortable as you can and extend your arms and legs so they do not touch each other. Do not strain, do not think. Give your body maximum relaxation. Spend in this state for a few minutes. If you do not, then move on to the second method. Find or make a record with formulas of autogenic relaxation. It is directed at many areas and organs of your body. After listening to this recording, you will easily be able to relax.
Look at a fixed point. Basic exercises on development of force sight. Draw on a sheet of white paper black dot. It should be in the center of the sheet. Stand back at a distance of one meter and begin to stare to the point. Concentrate all your attention to this point. Try to stop the internal dialogue and be distracted by extraneous thoughts. Also you need not to blink during the class. Practice this way for 15-20 minutes daily. After three months, continue to the next exercise.
Work with moving objects. If the point was small and motionless, now move on to moving objects. Start with one and a small size. For example, the ideal ball ping-pong table. Hang it on a string and swing. Focus your attention on it. To use a pendulum is not desirable, as it has a certain frequency of rocking that can put you in a hypnotic state. Gradually increase the number of balls.
Practice with a mirror. The power of the glance seriously develops a work with a mirror. Its essence is that you have to watch yourself on the bridge of his nose intently and without blinking. It's not as easy as you might think. Also with a mirror you can learn to convey emotion. A trained mind is able to inspire their own emotions and moods to others.