Exercise one. As telekinesis is associated with brain function, then its development requires a great desire. Feel inside the intensifying desire to develop telekinetic abilities. Feel the force that can act on objects. Close your eyes and imagine how you can easily move the items. Focus on your imaginary picture. Do this exercise several times a day.
Exercise the second. Make a very light paper cone spiral shape and hang it on the string. Stand in front, close your eyes and mentally feel the energy in the solar plexus. Open your eyes and exhale send it on your fingertips first right and then left hand.
Exercise third. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands pull ahead and expand your palms to face each other at a distance of 30 centimeters. Feel the tingling in the palms and the density of the air between them. Place between the palms spiral paper cone and sending energy to the tips of your fingers, easily rotate it in different directions.
Exercise the fourth. Once you will train the concentration, proceed to more complex exercises. Take in the left hand teaspoon, and the right start slowly stroking it in the thinnest point. Visualize that it bends, at the same time focusing her attention on the spoon. Send energy, feeling like the metal is getting soft in his hands and begins to bend.