Advice 1: How to develop the ability of telekinesis

Telekinesis is an amazing ability very small number of people, to manipulate objects in space using only the power of thought. Telekinesis is very rare. Such abilities inherent in man from childhood, or it is preceded by certain circumstances. If you feel that you can act on objects, move their hands, train your abilities.
How to develop the ability of telekinesis
Exercise one. As telekinesis is associated with brain function, then its development requires a great desire. Feel inside the intensifying desire to develop telekinetic abilities. Feel the force that can act on objects. Close your eyes and imagine how you can easily move the items. Focus on your imaginary picture. Do this exercise several times a day.
Exercise the second. Make a very light paper cone spiral shape and hang it on the string. Stand in front, close your eyes and mentally feel the energy in the solar plexus. Open your eyes and exhale send it on your fingertips first right and then left hand.
Exercise third. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands pull ahead and expand your palms to face each other at a distance of 30 centimeters. Feel the tingling in the palms and the density of the air between them. Place between the palms spiral paper cone and sending energy to the tips of your fingers, easily rotate it in different directions.
Exercise the fourth. Once you will train the concentration, proceed to more complex exercises. Take in the left hand teaspoon, and the right start slowly stroking it in the thinnest point. Visualize that it bends, at the same time focusing her attention on the spoon. Send energy, feeling like the metal is getting soft in his hands and begins to bend.

Advice 2 : How to learn telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability of a person to influence the movement of objects in space or to change their shape, exposing them to the so-called energy of consciousness. Ability to telekinesis can be congenital or acquired. It is believed that any person, regardless of gender or age, can develop these abilities. Need some knowledge and practice.
How to learn telekinesis
The first thing you will need to learn the practice of mind control. These are the skills of relaxation and the ability to stop the internal dialogue. Relaxation is a state of absolute muscular relaxation and calm mental activity. Internal dialogue revolves in the mind of any person. Try not to think about anything twenty seconds.
Take a string and tie it to a paper weight. Hang a string with a weight on the level of your eyes at a distance of 2-3 meters. Sit in a chair and stop the internal dialogue. Watch the cargo. Gradually receiveit opinion, then concentrate. Repeat a few times. Then call inner desire movement (without a path). You need to understand what feelings arise when telekinesis. This exercise is carried out at the beginning of training.
Learn to control inner desire movement. The inner desire of motion is an abstract motion perception or process without the participation of objects and associations. Imagine that the vehicle is in motion. At the same time, the head should not be associations with the image of cars, roads and everything connected with it. Remove from consciousness all objects and images, leaving only a sense of movement. When you master this condition, repeat the exercise with the load, mentally asking its trajectory.
You need to learn to concentrate on a certain subject. Close your eyes and imagine a glass of water. Imagine how the water slowly decreases. As it is descending, induce a feeling of warmth in the head and on top. Now the water begins to slowly arrive to a glass. Call dizziness.
Imagine that your head is a vessel, and you - water. The eyes are open. You slowly flow through the body, arms, legs. You emerge from the body and spread out on the surrounding objects, sharp jerk back into the vessel again flow from him and poured all around. The head pulsates. You switch from one subject to another directed stream.
Close your eyes. Feel like a stream of water. You slowly spill out of the Cup and picking up speed, pour all around. Rise above your body, above the place where you are. Search for glass - you find him and join him, merging with the water inside, return to yourself, open your eyes and take a deep breath.
With regular training you will learn how to manage their thoughts, emotions and body and the result will fully learn the practice of telekinesis.
Useful advice
Telekinesis – a very energy intensive practice. At the first sign of fatigue, stop and rest. Energy fatigue is fraught with physical and psychological problems.
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