To the residential building was found, it should be capital, the walls and Foundation meet the safety standards and SNiP. Check availability of all utilities: heating, electricity, water, gas, Sewerage, ventilation. They all have to meet the requirements specified in SNiP and SanPiN. The building must not be accidental, old.
The main way to achieve the translation in the living room — the so-called administrative. The recognition of residential areas is the interagency task teams whosehousegovernmental Commission, acting in accordance with Chapter 3 housing code, and in accordance with the RF Government Decree of January 28, 2006 N 47. In such a Commission include representatives of the competent authorities – fire, sanitary-epidemiological, environmental and other. The owner must provide to the local administration a number of documents:• application for transfer of premises in residential;
• documents of title to the premises (originals or notarially certified copies);
• the floor plan with the technical description (the Declaration).
The decision must be made no later than 45 days, then issued the corresponding document, or the refusal to transfer.
However, not all municipalities continuing to operate the interagency task teams whosehousegovernmental Commission. Therefore, a more realistic way of translation of non-residential premises in residential the judiciary. You need to go to court with a claim on the legal establishment of the fact of the suitability for permanent residence residential structure. This method, of course, more expensive. You must pay the lawyer drafting the statement of claim, the state duty for consideration of the case in court. In addition, the court the main evidence will be the construction and technical expertise and it is costly and takes time. However, the judicial method is the most effective, since the mechanism of examinations and procedures for the establishment of legal facts in litigation has already worked.