You will need
  • Federal law №185 dated 21.07.2007 "On the Fund of assistance to reforming of housing and communal services".
To recognize the old housing, you must submit an application on behalf of the residents of a house in a specific organisation. On the basis of this document, a special Commission, which decides such matters. Generally, it includes workers of housing and communal services, experts BTI, designers, representatives of Executive authorities, etc.
Then, you should contact the BTI to determine the degree of wear and residual value of the house, which are issued together with a copy of the technical passport.
After that, the employees of BTI, prepare a plan of the house. His original will is handed in within one month from the date of application.
The owner of the dwelling is required to provide statements for the last 3 years of inspection of the house, which lists all the types and volume of work performed during this period of time.
It is also necessary on the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological service. You should contact the respective service of the statement on issue of the document. Likewise get a decision of an organ of the state fire service.
In accordance with the legislation, tenants of the house are required to provide letters about the poor state of the dwelling. You should pay attention to all the leaks, breakage, and state this when applying.
Design and survey organization shall issue a conclusion about the technical condition of the house based on the results of the survey of load-bearing structures, indicating the category of the unsuitability of apartment houses.
Housing inspection of the Russian Federation gives the act its findings in respect of residential house events for state control of compliance with the housing legislation of the Russian Federation on the use and safety of housing stock and report on the sanitary condition of residential home.
The Commission's right to require other documents necessary for the decision on the recognition of the house of the old housing.
If the applicant is a body authorized for state control and supervision, the Commission is submitted to the appropriate conclusion, after considering which, the Commission proposes that the landlord to provide specified documents.
By law, the Commission shall take a decision within 30 days. The house, which will be recognized as old, will join the program for the resettlement of people.