Advice 1: As expected, square meters per person during the demolition of dilapidated housing

The main mission of housing reform – getting rid of dilapidated housing. Such structures not only create an unsightly appearance for city, but most importantly, are a danger to life and health of tenants and others.
As expected, square meters per person during the demolition of dilapidated housing

The program of demolition of dilapidated housing

In 2010, the President of the Russian Federation signed a law on the resettlement of dilapidated housing, which is currently in effect. This program, though slowly, but solves the problems with the housing.

Under the program, the local authority should draw up lists of lists of the old (emergency) housing, further assessment of technical condition, after which the decision on the reconstruction (overhaul) or the elimination of such buildings.

When deciding on demolition and resettlement of the residents of the city interdepartmental Commission adopts a package of documents, which includes: a statement (form installed); the plan of the residential premises; technical certificate for the premises; in free form residents ' complaints; copies of contracts on accommodation; conclusion of expert Commission.

After the recognition of the interdepartmental Commission of the facility emergency leases and social tenancy is terminated, the issue of providing residents of new housing.

If the housing is owned, then by agreement of the parties made relocation or compensation.

The provision of new housing

One of the issues the residents of emergency houses is laid the area of the future dwelling. Seemingly contradictory are the provisions of the housing code. Thus, article 50, 57, 58 housing code say about the standards of provision of facilities based on the number and sex of living. clause 2, article 57 speaks of the extraordinary provision of residential premises for the families whose homes are in disrepair. But the key point is that such families should be registered as in need.
And resettlement acts, article 89 of the LCD, which suggests that the provided area of social hiring should be equal.

Thus, to speak of "normative footage" in this case does not make sense. Note that when moving according to article 55 of the LCD resettled citizens in the same room never cease to be registered as needing residential premises.

In cases where a dwelling is owned, is also relocating to the same area or compensation at market value. In a prize are the owners of the land as at the assessment takes into account its cost and the cost of all legal buildings located on it.

Thus, the main housing instead of emergency is equivalence of housing accommodation provided by area emergency and being in one locality.

Advice 2 : How to recognize housing emergency

16 million square meters - as emergency housing there, according to experts, in Russia. Of these, about 10 million are accounted for by blocks of flats. The procedure of recognition of the housing dilapidated and unfit for living quite difficult.
How to recognize housing emergency
You will need
  • a statement from the tenants;
  • a copy of the technical passport at home (issued by the organization of technical inventory), indicating the degree of wear and residual value of this house or a separate room (at the date of application to the Commission);
  • plans and sections of the premises prepared by the technical inventory;
  • acts carried out for the last 3 years by the owner or authorized owner of the General inspection of a residential building (dwelling), including the types and volume of repairs performed during this period;
  • the conclusion of body of state sanitary-epidemiological service;
  • the conclusion of a public fire service;
  • statements, letters, complaints of citizens to unsatisfactory accommodation;
  • conclusion about the technical condition of a residential building (dwelling) issued by the licensed to carry out relevant work of design and survey organization the survey results elements enclosing and bearing structures, indicating the category of the unsuitability of the residential house (residential space);
  • the act of the state housing inspection of the Russian Federation on the results of a building (dwelling) measures for state control of compliance with the provisions of the housing legislation on the use and safety of the housing Fund and report on the sanitary condition of the residential house (residential space);
  • other documents which the Commission considers necessary for the decision.
If you are going to design your house, as an emergency, carefully take a look at it. Because in order to have the house declared unfit for habitation, his actual wear shall be not less than 70 %. In addition, the house is recognized an emergency, do not meet sanitary-epidemiological rules and hygienic requirements. For example, in such a residential area is likely to be elevated levels in the air of harmful impurities and substances to life and health. If the building is elevated radiation background, increased noise, vibration and electromagnetic fields.
Also, the house is recognized an emergency if there are violations in the construction of the Foundation, that is, he is very much deformed, that constitutes a threat to life. To the same deformities are irregularities in the construction of walls and structural elements. In some cases, Russell house, located on the territory of flood inundation. However, it is really only the case if the threat of flooding cannot be prevented.
Uninhabitable house-can you recognize the room in which the noise level in the rooms facing the highway carriageways exceeds 55 decibels. Emergency is considered to be the house in which there is proper engineering systems, such as lighting, water supply, Sewerage, heating, ventilation, and others.
To your home was deemed unsuitable for habitation, it is necessary on their own initiative to apply for consideration of your question to a special Commission which provides opinions on the suitability or unsuitability of the house for living. In addition, it is necessary to collect a package of documents confirming the accident rate of your home. Also you have to order all the necessary expertise. To consider your request the fee will be approximately 30 days. Then make a decision about whether to consider your living room with the old or not.
Useful advice
Remember that the absence of a Central heating system and the water supply is not in all cases is the basis for recognition of the house emergency. If we are talking about a separate series of one - and two-storey houses. In this case, in the absence of communications emergency housing is not recognized by law. Also will not be building in disrepair and in that case, if it does not have a lift and a garbage disposal (though they should be according to the plan of building the house).

Advice 3 : How to recognize the old house

The procedure of recognition of the old housing is needed primarily to move people. Tenants of the house must themselves submit an application for recognition of the old home. Before you apply to make the necessary examination.
How to recognize the old house
You will need
  • Federal law №185 dated 21.07.2007 "On the Fund of assistance to reforming of housing and communal services".
To recognize the old housing, you must submit an application on behalf of the residents of a house in a specific organisation. On the basis of this document, a special Commission, which decides such matters. Generally, it includes workers of housing and communal services, experts BTI, designers, representatives of Executive authorities, etc.
Then, you should contact the BTI to determine the degree of wear and residual value of the house, which are issued together with a copy of the technical passport.
After that, the employees of BTI, prepare a plan of the house. His original will is handed in within one month from the date of application.
The owner of the dwelling is required to provide statements for the last 3 years of inspection of the house, which lists all the types and volume of work performed during this period of time.
It is also necessary on the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological service. You should contact the respective service of the statement on issue of the document. Likewise get a decision of an organ of the state fire service.
In accordance with the legislation, tenants of the house are required to provide letters about the poor state of the dwelling. You should pay attention to all the leaks, breakage, and state this when applying.
Design and survey organization shall issue a conclusion about the technical condition of the house based on the results of the survey of load-bearing structures, indicating the category of the unsuitability of apartment houses.
Housing inspection of the Russian Federation gives the act its findings in respect of residential house events for state control of compliance with the housing legislation of the Russian Federation on the use and safety of housing stock and report on the sanitary condition of residential home.
The Commission's right to require other documents necessary for the decision on the recognition of the house of the old housing.
If the applicant is a body authorized for state control and supervision, the Commission is submitted to the appropriate conclusion, after considering which, the Commission proposes that the landlord to provide specified documents.
By law, the Commission shall take a decision within 30 days. The house, which will be recognized as old, will join the program for the resettlement of people.
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