You will need
  • - copy of cadastral plan;
  • plan, sketch project;
  • resolution of SES;
  • resolution firefighters;
  • - resolution of power;
  • documents for housing;
  • - your passport;
  • - appeals in all these instances.
If you plan to document illegal reconstruction, will get the technical inventory Bureau a copy of the cadastral plan, a copy of cadastral passport and plan the layout of the room.
Call a licensed architect to draft and sketch your changes. If you carried out the reconstruction of utilities, and the redevelopment is considered to be even the transfer of the plumbing a few inches, then the additional pay for the project and a sketch of the changes in the engineering structures.
With the received documents, please contact the district Department of architecture and urban planning. Write the application, attach all documents received, present your passport, documents of title to housing.
You will be given a matching act, which you are required to sign a local municipality, in the district office utilities, SES, fire brigade, power company, gas service.
Each agreement takes time and is very expensive. So quickly to legalize the reconstruction you will not succeed. If some of these services will decide that reconstruction legalize it is impossible for the reason that it does not meet building, health or fire regulations, you may be forced to bring everything back to normal or you can try to legislate judicially.
If everything you managed, again, contact the regional Department of architecture and urban planning. Get a final resolution of the chief architect of the district. Pay administrative fines issued for illegal and inconsistent changes.
With the received documents, please contact the BTI. Call a technician to inspect the rooms. On the basis of the inspection you will be provided new technical documents that will make up a new cadastral plan and the cadastral passport. Get extracts from these documents, please contact the registration center to make changes in the unified register.