You will need
  • a statement from the tenants;
  • a copy of the technical passport at home (issued by the organization of technical inventory), indicating the degree of wear and residual value of this house or a separate room (at the date of application to the Commission);
  • plans and sections of the premises prepared by the technical inventory;
  • acts carried out for the last 3 years by the owner or authorized owner of the General inspection of a residential building (dwelling), including the types and volume of repairs performed during this period;
  • the conclusion of body of state sanitary-epidemiological service;
  • the conclusion of a public fire service;
  • statements, letters, complaints of citizens to unsatisfactory accommodation;
  • conclusion about the technical condition of a residential building (dwelling) issued by the licensed to carry out relevant work of design and survey organization the survey results elements enclosing and bearing structures, indicating the category of the unsuitability of the residential house (residential space);
  • the act of the state housing inspection of the Russian Federation on the results of a building (dwelling) measures for state control of compliance with the provisions of the housing legislation on the use and safety of the housing Fund and report on the sanitary condition of the residential house (residential space);
  • other documents which the Commission considers necessary for the decision.
If you are going to design your house, as an emergency, carefully take a look at it. Because in order to have the house declared unfit for habitation, his actual wear shall be not less than 70 %. In addition, the house is recognized an emergency, do not meet sanitary-epidemiological rules and hygienic requirements. For example, in such a residential area is likely to be elevated levels in the air of harmful impurities and substances to life and health. If the building is elevated radiation background, increased noise, vibration and electromagnetic fields.
Also, the house is recognized an emergency if there are violations in the construction of the Foundation, that is, he is very much deformed, that constitutes a threat to life. To the same deformities are irregularities in the construction of walls and structural elements. In some cases, Russell house, located on the territory of flood inundation. However, it is really only the case if the threat of flooding cannot be prevented.
Uninhabitable house-can you recognize the room in which the noise level in the rooms facing the highway carriageways exceeds 55 decibels. Emergency is considered to be the house in which there is proper engineering systems, such as lighting, water supply, Sewerage, heating, ventilation, and others.
To your home was deemed unsuitable for habitation, it is necessary on their own initiative to apply for consideration of your question to a special Commission which provides opinions on the suitability or unsuitability of the house for living. In addition, it is necessary to collect a package of documents confirming the accident rate of your home. Also you have to order all the necessary expertise. To consider your request the fee will be approximately 30 days. Then make a decision about whether to consider your living room with the old or not.