You will need
  • - e-mail address of the person who will come package;
  • - passport;
  • - money to pay for a shipment.
Find out if you are eligible to send what is collected by mail. For example, overseas you cannot send perishable foods, bottles with aerosols, alcoholic beverages, any tobacco products - cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, as well as seeds and plants. Jewelry and art objects are also not allowed out of the country in the parcel.
Check with the person you are sending the parcel, its address. A canadian address should appear as follows: house number, apartment number (if any), street name, city name, province, country, postcode. The canadian postal code is six characters, and there are not only numbers but also letters.
If what you want to send meet the requirements, please pack the parcel. If you send the soft things, like clothing, may be just package it in thick plastic. In another case, you will need a cardboard box, but not too much - the items must be Packed tightly. To preserve the integrity of you can also sent wrap things in wrapping paper. Tape box - the postman, you might need to familiarize yourself with its contents.Surcharge postal workers will be able to pack your parcel on their own.
Calculate the cost of shipping to know how much you need the money to pay for postal services. This can be done independently on the website of the Russian post. To do this, go to the organization's website in the section "Postal services", then to "Calculate the cost of shipping". Select menu automatic calculator to calculate the cost of international mail. In the opened window specify the country, type of parcel and its weight and the desired declared value. Click on the "Calculate" button. The system will give you the cost of the state fee to forward your mail.
Come to the post office with the parcel. It is better to contact the Central post office - usually its employees more experience in sending different things over the border. Contact postal employee. Call him the address of the person who designed the package and tell him to be forwarded things. Repay the postal service.