Advice 1: How to send a parcel to Canada

Canada is a country with an active migration policy, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union many people in Russia, Ukraine and other former republics managed to emigrate to this state. Some of them still do not lose touch with relatives and continues to send them letters and parcels. So, how to send a parcel to Canada?
How to send a parcel to Canada
You will need
  • - e-mail address of the person who will come package;
  • - passport;
  • - money to pay for a shipment.
Find out if you are eligible to send what is collected by mail. For example, overseas you cannot send perishable foods, bottles with aerosols, alcoholic beverages, any tobacco products - cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, as well as seeds and plants. Jewelry and art objects are also not allowed out of the country in the parcel.
Check with the person you are sending the parcel, its address. A canadian address should appear as follows: house number, apartment number (if any), street name, city name, province, country, postcode. The canadian postal code is six characters, and there are not only numbers but also letters.
If what you want to send meet the requirements, please pack the parcel. If you send the soft things, like clothing, may be just package it in thick plastic. In another case, you will need a cardboard box, but not too much - the items must be Packed tightly. To preserve the integrity of you can also sent wrap things in wrapping paper. Tape box - the postman, you might need to familiarize yourself with its contents.Surcharge postal workers will be able to pack your parcel on their own.
Calculate the cost of shipping to know how much you need the money to pay for postal services. This can be done independently on the website of the Russian post. To do this, go to the organization's website in the section "Postal services", then to "Calculate the cost of shipping". Select menu automatic calculator to calculate the cost of international mail. In the opened window specify the country, type of parcel and its weight and the desired declared value. Click on the "Calculate" button. The system will give you the cost of the state fee to forward your mail.
Come to the post office with the parcel. It is better to contact the Central post office - usually its employees more experience in sending different things over the border. Contact postal employee. Call him the address of the person who designed the package and tell him to be forwarded things. Repay the postal service.
Useful advice
If you want to send a parcel urgently, use the international system of delivery, e.g., FedEx. Her services will cost more, but you can be sure that the parcel will be delivered quickly.

Advice 2: How to send an international parcel

Sending international packages involves additional restrictions. For example, there are many bans on certain items, which should be read in advance. In addition, you may need to fill out a customs Declaration.
How to send an international parcel
There are four types of international shipments: parcel, parcel, small package and a bag of "M". Determine which of them is suitable in a particular case. Parcel sent printed editions, manuscripts, letters, photos, etc. the Parcel is suitable for items of cultural-household purpose (clothes, books, documents) and may have a declared value.
Small package suitable for small objects or samples of commercial products. This kind of administration is only used for international shipping, however, you must verify whether the country to which this kind of departure. Small packet can be plain or customized.
Bag "M" is used to send publications (correspondence) to the same destination with one sender. The bag is simple and with a declared value.
Make sure that sent items or goods are not prohibited items list. The full list can be viewed on the website email or read a post. Common to all types of shipments is the prohibition of leaflets calling for terrorist or extremist activities and propaganda of Nazi symbols, pictures and other pornographic materials, explosives, sharp objects, weapons, drugs, etc.
Note that sending international parcels will require the design of additional supporting documentation, filling out a customs Declaration. Basic set – is the form of the Accompanying address and Customs Declaration No. 23.
On the form Accompanying ' fill in the data about the sender and the recipient, if necessary, specify the value of the parcel, and can give guidance on what to do with the shipment, if the recipient is behind it is not.
Customs Declaration No. 23 to be completed for parcels and small packages of commercial content (goods or samples of goods). In the Declaration give a full description of nested goods separately, the same number of items, weight, cost, currency, code the country of origin and the existence of the license or certificate.
Attach the filled document Declaration on the outside of the parcel or package or invest in a clear self-adhesive package. The document should be filled in the language adopted in the recipient country, the universal languages – French and English.
Additional supporting documents are the enclosure list and return receipt requested, mainly organizations or enterprises.
For sending parcels abroad doesn't have to come in the mail, currently there are firms that will do that for an additional fee. The sender only need to print necessary forms and documents, which are on the company website, fill them out and call the courier on the house.
Useful advice
There are special computer programs that allow you to make the necessary data about the shipment, print the forms, sign and include in the mail.
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