Visit the website of the Russian post. In the top of the home page, select "Services", then in right side you will see a button "Mail", click on it. In the list examine two points of "the Rules of postal items" (you need information about specifying a') and "List of items prohibited for shipment".
Collect items that are going forward in Uzbekistan, mentally evaluate which category your international package gets your package. Russian post parts all shipments between countries on the parcel (correspondence, printed matter weighing up to 5 kg), "small packet" (product samples and small items weighing up to 2 kg) bag "M" (printed samples weighing up to 14.5 kg) and parcels (domestic objects weighing up to 20 kg). Depending on which category your shipment falls, the Post of Russia will announce a specific tariff for the shipment.
Visit the nearest branch of Mail of Russia. Purchase special packaging for your shipment, it is a prerequisite, packaged items not be accepted. Make a list of items, fill in blanks to send. Remember that you must give the employee mail the document proving the identity.
Write the recipient's address in UzbekistanE. Please note that when making international shipments, you need to write address in Latin letters. You can duplicate it in the Uzbek language.
Will pay a rate for international shipments by cash in the Mail of Russia. Save your receipt until the receipt of the parcel by the addressee. You can calculate the shipment cost, using the accounting software available on the website.
Use the services of courier services, e.g. DHL, PONY Express, Garant-Post, DPD. These companies provide services for the delivery of mail, parcels and cargo. In addition, you can track the location of departure online on the websites of these companies.