You will need
  • - packing: sleeve or box that fits within the size limits (105 x 148 mm.);
  • address of a recipient;
  • - money to pay for postal services.
To start the parcel should be Packed. You can do it on their own (for example, seal on all sides of the paper) or buy the packing material (envelope or small box) in the mail. In the second case there will be problems with writing the recipient's address and sender.Seal the envelope or box, write the address and give the departing employee e-mail.
The operator will weigh the package and calculate the price of shipment. It depends on the weight of the shipment and its nature. Cheaper simple packet, expensive custom.
Nature of the departure gives you more assurance that it will reach the addressee. However, it is believed that registered items are longer simple.
Shipping simple parcels of from 25.4 p. per 100 grams of weight, custom - of 33.15. For every additional 20 grams will be charged of 1.25 p for the shipment of the parcel with the declared value (in this case, you when sending voice value of the contents of the parcel and the right to demand from mail compensation, if the shipment gets lost) for the cost of postal services is influenced by weight, distance and delivery method. The minimum distance at which charge - up to 600 km.
More expensive delivery by air, there is the possibility of combined delivery: partly by road, partly by plane. In this case, the cost is calculated in proportion to the distance that the shipment was delivered in each method.Additional fee applies also for every ruble of the declared value of the parcel.
If the parcel sent cash on delivery (a condition of its receipt becomes a payment recipient the cost of the content parcels), mail will take an additional Commission for the transfer of money.
After sending parcels, you can track all stages of its shipment through an online service on the website of the Russian post.