You will need
  • passport, packing
Currently, there are various services that are ready to deliver your parcel anywhere in the world, however, it is important not to make mistakes and not to overpay. So how to send the parcel cheaper?
First, determine the package type, whether it small weight and dimensions of the box or you need to send a bag of stuff? If the parcel does not weigh more than 10 kg, it is better to use a delivery service, such as by mail or Express deliveries. If you decide to send bulky load (10 kg or more), then your best bet is to contact the carrier.
Choose the state of the delivery services there are cheaper, and more reliable. So, when sending small packages, you'd better use Post of Russia. And when transporting bulky packages of Russian Railways (Russian railway). Why these services? There are several advantages: firstly, price, secondly, the offices of Russian Railways and post of Russia is in almost every village.
When sending by post of Russia should know that there are several types of parcels: regular parcel, valuable parcel, the shipment is first class and EMS courier service. Cheaper to send the parcel. The average sending 5 kg will cost You 200-300 rubles +4% of the value of the parcel. The value of the parcel better be kept to a minimum, so you can save. For reliability it is better to make an inventory of the shipment on a special form, which you can take to the post office. The inventory is done in two copies, one of which is you, and the other is embedded in the parcel. The delivery of ordinary parcels and registered mail up to 1 month, if you send from one end of Russia to another. If you need faster shipping, you can use the administration first class. Well, the most expensive shipment is the courier service EMS.
When sending via RZD oversized parcels, find out if such a delivery, as in some settlements no of stations and delivery to impossible. You can also save money. First, it is best not to divide the parcel into two or more parts, and try to fit everything into one bag. Breakable and fragile items are best Packed in a box and then make a lattice of timber. The grille is cheaper to do it yourself, because the services of the Railways cost from 500 roubles for each place. In addition, you also need to pack the parcel in a sack, sew it thick thread and sign shipping address.