For the safety of transported must not only follow the rules of packing, but also care about the strength of the materials used, and not to forget the need for portable devices or pens.
Bulky items are Packed in large boxes of hardboard, small - in boxes and suitcases. Importantly, to ensure the tightness of the packing and to fill all empty space inside to prevent the movement of the objects and their deformation.
Packaging must not be damaged, besides, you are responsible for its contents as Luggage is not opened for additional screening.
Necessities such as a wheelchair or a baby stroller, car seat, can be as Packed or not. We pass them in the Luggage just before boarding.
Animals must be transported in special cages or containers that require documents, information about vaccinations and a permit to transport from the vet.
If the Luggage should proceed to the destination, it should be noted additionally at check Luggagebut most likely it will be delivered on another flight.
After registering the Luggageand be sure to check the availability and correctness of the tags, to avoid problems with the identification of things. Moreover, it is better to distribute things in different packages, so in case of delayed baggageand to have the necessary items od hand. Necessities are best left in the hand Luggage.
Of course, pick up Luggage need to be quickly, because the storage is in excess of the surcharge.