Please see the "Mail of Russia", which makes postage worldwide. In order to find out the cost of sending your parcel, you can contact personally in the office with a parcel. It will weigh, evaluate and tell you an approximate amount.
You can also find this information from the comfort of home, but only if you have scales and the Internet. Weigh your items (remember that, for example, the box of chocolates will be shown only the mass of candy and will have to pay for the cardboard and enter into the calculator at the website address of the desired data ( For example, to send to the UK the parcel with a weight of 1000 grams using the plane, you will have to pay 839 rubles. The postal rates are the most democratic of all the official, however, the delivery time for aviapolk – 11 working days, ground – 20.
On the website you can also use the "mail Tracking". After sending given mail ID, enter it in the box on this page ( and know where is your shipment.
If the suggested mail dates do not suit you, you can contact the company "EMS", which specializiruetsya Express shipments. Specialists are ready to deliver your items in a very short time, however, the cost of their services is quite high. Departure to the UK cargo weighing up to 100 grams – 1395 rubles, up to 500 grams – 1585 rubles to 1 kilogram – 1785, up to 1.5 kgs – 2005 and so on. The parcel is 5 kilograms will cost about 3120 rubles, 10 – 4060.
If you need to send something really fast, turn to this company. To pay for the services either by mail or using a wire transfer, or receipt (the latter is only possible if the contract with EMS). It is obvious that EMS takes for sending a lot more mail. However, a comparison of the timing is on her side. Your belongings will reach the UK in 2-4 days.
There is another way of sending even the cheapest, but not quite legal. Send "on occasion" - from tour bus, with a friend who flies there on business. Some bus drivers and truckers earn in this way and for their service charge of about 1 pound per kilo. However, nobody guarantees the safety of things and all that they will be delivered. Therefore, to use this send better only if you have acquaintances or recommendations.