You will need
  • - passport;
  • - money for payment postal fees;
  • - the name and address of the recipient.
Select the postal service you will use. Cheaper it will cost sending by Post of Russia. A significant disadvantage of this service is a long waiting period of the parcel by the addressee. Prompt the international postal service EMS. The fastest way to deliver correspondence service, Express delivery, such as DHL. However, the shipment cost will increase substantially; moreover, you additionally have to pay customs duties.
Small items, Souvenirs, gifts whether to send small package. It weighs less than two pounds, and no attachment breakable things. Larger items weighing up to five pounds to send a parcel or a special bag which is designed for a 14.5 kg. most things will fit in the package. Russian post accepts packages weighing up to 20 kg, EMS - up to 30 kg. All the options shipments can be simple or customized. Express services you can send high-value items, papers and documents.
Please specify in which post offices in your city carry out an international shipment. The easiest way to apply for a post office. Do not pack the parcel at home, to make it more convenient for the post office.
Please check the list of items prohibited to be sent by mail. The customs service is not permitted the shipment of weapons, cultural valuables, tobacco products, any alcohol, perishable food, seeds, and plants. The full list can be found on the official website of the Russian post or on the EMS website Do not invest in sending the money – you do not guarantee their safety.
Note that the host country can have its own list of limitations. Be sure to read it. For example, in France it is forbidden to send dairy and meat products in the UK – canned fruits and vegetables, and in Saudi Arabia it is prohibited to import Christmas decorations, Easter cards and other items of Christian worship.
Arriving at the post, contact the person in shipping parcels. Weigh an attachment, select and pay for packaging to send. Make an inventory of sub-items or provide to make it to the postal employee. Carefully check the list. If you are planning to send a valuable package, specify an adequate value of the investment.
Pack a bag or box and give them to the employee for verification. Fragile items put crumpled paper or wrap them in a protective film. Carefully copy the address. Abroad adopted different standards than in Russia. In the first line, specify the name and surname of the recipient, then an apartment, house number, street name, city. Don't forget to include the country and postcode. Avoid mistakes, write legibly, preferably in block letters.
Make final payment (postage prepaid). You will receive a tracking number to track the path of a parcel abroad. Find out the employee mail the approximate time it takes shipping to your destination and inform them about the recipient.