First, determine the weight of your parcel. If it is larger than two kilograms, then you need to find out what the nearest post office takes to ship such a heavy package. It is possible for the phone to ring the nearest post office.
Sent items should be Packed in a special postal box that can be bought in post offices. It is possible to stack the package yourself, as the mail acquisition will cost money. If the item is not included in the big box then you should buy a special wrapping paper. Tape the package with his Scotch. The box should be just a special zip tape.
At the time of shipment filled leaf inventory of the contents of the parcel if it is declared valuable. You will also need to fill out the mail form for shipment, which will include your passport data, address, and full postal address of the consignee, his name, surname, patronymic. The box indicates the same data.
After the package is prepared, the operator must seal it with tape. Now the parcel can be sent with the completed form and passport. The operator will give you a check, which will be the total amount of all services and data that you wrote earlier in the post form. Again, carefully check the correctness of the data on the check.
To send a parcel urgently, mail of Russia offers Express delivery - Express Mail Service (EMS). EMS shipping provides delivery of packages, documents, letters, loads up to 30 kg in the shortest possible time. It is very convenient that the parcel you can keep a track on its number. You can send an urgent parcel to the post office, working with EMS, and can call the courier postal service at home. In this case, the package is also Packed in a special material, sealed with tape. EMS combines reasonable prices and guarantee of quality of delivery.