You will need
  • address in Germany, which should come cargo;
  • - money to pay for transport costs.
Send your goods by mail. To do this he must not be too large, as the maximum allowable weight is twenty pounds. Just bring what you want to send to the post office. It is best to contact the Central post office of your city as its members, most likely, more experience in sending international letters and parcels.
Specify a person or organization where you sent cargo, and the address of the apartment or office where you need to deliver. Will pay shipping - it will depend on the shipping method, for example, by plane or train, and the weight of parcel. For example, for a parcel without declared value weighing one kilogram when sending to Germany you will have to pay about 300 rubles. Note that not all goods are allowed to be sent by international mail. A complete list of restrictions can be found on the website of the Russian post -
For urgent parcels, you can use services of international transport services such as FedEx. Come into one of their offices and make a request for sending the parcel. If necessary, employees will be able to pick up the cargo from your home or office. You can also track the progress of sending it via Internet the company website by using the code you sent along with the receipt of the packet.
When the transportation to Germany of large cargo, such as a commercial use, please contact a transport company engaged in such transportation. Her address can be found in the directory of organizations in your city. You can order transportation of goods by both road and rail transport. Last option is convenient because it is possible to rent the container, and then fill it with things necessary.