After the decision to open your business need to formalize their intention in legislative form. The first step is to register OOO. When you have thought through all the details and you have a business plan, the availability of investors, agreements with landlords and prospective employees, we need to start not less important procedure is the name of your future company.
When choosing the name you should keep in mind that company name must be unique, i.e. not used by other entities. Therefore, before registering the company name you need to check in the Unified Register of the enterprises to determine a unique name. If it is already in use, you have to choose a name on.
You can create a company named after himself – is a popular option for law firms, real estate and the economy. Either select the name of the company on the basis of its scope of activities. For example, the name of the company for the production of baby food "Interservice" is going to sound irrelevant, a real estate firm with the name "Baby" will only cause laughter. In addition, you have a good understanding of the meaning of the company name. For example, calling the firm a name of the ancient God, first find out what he represents.
In addition, it should be remembered: "As a ship call, so it will float". So maybe you should think before you give the name of the firm "Titanic." The reason is not superstition, but a purely psychological factor, on a subconscious level. In the name of trifles does not happen.
The choice of name for the company – not an easy task and requires effort and time. But this process you can be creative. If you find it difficult to choose it yourself, you can invent it, together with partners (spouse, family members) by the method of "brainstorming." But try not to overload the name a large number of syllables and meaning. It is worth remembering that all great things are simple, and sonorous, beautiful, but simple name will be remembered much easier.
The name for the firm you need to choose to not have to change it. Since the new name will result in loss of brand recognition, many clients and partners, and to gain confidence and popularity and trust will have to make a large amount of time and effort. So come to choose the name of the company is very responsible/ should Not hurry and opt for a random option just because you would like to do business.