Choosing a name for your firm, always think about your partners and customers. Keep in mind, what is the age group focused on your business.
The title should cause in people only positive emotions.
Inventing a word or phrase, conduct a survey of 30-40 people. A category of people, when polled, must be age and social group of your future customers. You may suggest the names themselves are potential customers.
Never let your company names or the names of people. In the future, if you suddenly have to sell the firm, no one wants to buy it under an assumed name. Of the names or surnames take only the initial letters, and join them. Get the name, do not belong to anyone personally.
You can come up with a phrase directly related to the activities of the firm. Pick a bright and memorable name. Do not attempt to cover the whole range of your activities. The main thing - to name the basic direction of your activity.
If you give the firm a foreign phrase, make the translation to know the meaning of the word. It is better to give the name in the language of the country in which you conduct business.
The names of the company are forbidden to use the words - the Russian Federation, Russia, the names of areas, cities, regions, and parties.
When you have selected the name and went to register it with Rospatent, have replacement options. Since it's name can be engaged and registered.