You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Go to the main page of the website of the FTS of Russia. The desired link is in the right side of the page. If you are using a computer with a small monitor, you may need to scroll down a bit.
Click on the words "Check yourself and your contractor" and you will see the search form.
It contains quite a lot of fields, but most of them are for your case is not relevant. Because you are not interested in gathering information about a particular legal entity, but only checking the frequency of use of the chosen name.
When checking the specific legal entity database to learn whether the firm, whether there corresponds to reality information that she gives about herself, to reveal the bogus ' check, etc.
Since you are only interested in the uniqueness of the name of your company, you need to fill in only three fields. In the Name field, type the check name. Then select from the drop-down list, the number of search results. This can be the whole country or a region.
The range of the search in this case depends on your situation. If you are planning to operate within one of the subject of Federation, quite limited only to them. In other situations it makes sense to look at across the country. However you can search first by country, then at least all the subjects one by one.
Enter the numbers in the box is for code.
The rest just leave blank and click "Search".
After clicking you will see page with search results. If the same names a little, not at all, or they do not exist in your region, we can say that the task of naming the future you're cool and you can register it with a unique namem.
Otherwise, when the search returns hundreds, and even thousands of results (for example, firms whose title involved the word "Prestige" in Russia, according to the database, almost 9 thousand), you should look for not so common option, which is then again checked for uniqueness using the same service.