Advice 1: How to check business name for uniqueness

To check how often used the name, invented by you for the company, you can use the website of the FTS of Russia. The link from his main page is available the service "Check yourself and the contractor." It allows you to check any name on the uniqueness of the country and to limit the search to one region of Russia.
How to check business name for uniqueness
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Go to the main page of the website of the FTS of Russia. The desired link is in the right side of the page. If you are using a computer with a small monitor, you may need to scroll down a bit.
Click on the words "Check yourself and your contractor" and you will see the search form.
It contains quite a lot of fields, but most of them are for your case is not relevant. Because you are not interested in gathering information about a particular legal entity, but only checking the frequency of use of the chosen name.
When checking the specific legal entity database to learn whether the firm, whether there corresponds to reality information that she gives about herself, to reveal the bogus ' check, etc.
Since you are only interested in the uniqueness of the name of your company, you need to fill in only three fields. In the Name field, type the check name. Then select from the drop-down list, the number of search results. This can be the whole country or a region.
The range of the search in this case depends on your situation. If you are planning to operate within one of the subject of Federation, quite limited only to them. In other situations it makes sense to look at across the country. However you can search first by country, then at least all the subjects one by one.
Enter the numbers in the box is for code.
The rest just leave blank and click "Search".
After clicking you will see page with search results. If the same names a little, not at all, or they do not exist in your region, we can say that the task of naming the future you're cool and you can register it with a unique namem.
Otherwise, when the search returns hundreds, and even thousands of results (for example, firms whose title involved the word "Prestige" in Russia, according to the database, almost 9 thousand), you should look for not so common option, which is then again checked for uniqueness using the same service.
Useful advice
If you strictly follow the letter of the law in Russia, unlike, for example, from the Czech Republic, the presence of firms with a similar title is not an obstacle during registration. But whether by the founders, to someone confused? In addition, the names of well-known brands, as a rule, registered trademark, so better not to invite problems with its rightful owner.

Advice 2 : How to check a trademark

Quite often it happens that one hundred percent of the author's trademark, created by the owner or hired experts, is already in the databases of Rospatent. But... as a property of another organization.
How to check a trademark
Before submitting the final package of documents for registration of a trademark, check it for similarity and identity with the already registered or pending registration in the Rospatent. This procedure is necessary for you to be able to know whether your trademark (or similar to it) in the database of the organization.
If your trademark is already registered, you will receive a refusal of registration of your designation and acquire the rights to it. Please note: if you used a similar trademark owned by another owner, in its commercial activities, it can become the basis for the application of various sanctions against you. For example, you will have to reimburse all losses associated with unauthorized possession and use of third-party trademark.
However, the trademark may be provisional (that is, before submitting all the other documents for its registration). To do this, apply for a preliminary check with Rospatent and pay for services of the Agency. The inspection is carried out in a period of 7 to 14 days (depending on the urgency and value of order) in conjunction with FIPS.
Place an order for a preliminary validation of your trademark, make at the expense of Rospatent. Upon expiration of the inspection you will be provided with a report on your trademark. If such a sign is already in the databases of Rospatent, the surcharge specialists of this Department it is void in the event if it already exists in the documents your organization but not yet commissioned.
Be careful: numerous the company whose address you can find on the Internet or offline, can offer you to inspect in a shorter period of time (sometimes even in 1 day), but their databases can either contain incomplete information about trademarks (excluding marks awaiting registration), or not exist at all.
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