In the Russian Federation individual businessman (IP) refers to a physical entity, which is registered legally to operate a business. If LLC (limited liability company) is a legal entity, whose founders are allowed to choose their own title company, then SP does not always have the opportunity. Common name SP consists of a surname or full name of physical person fully, before which is placed the abbreviation "FE", for example, "IP Sidorov Ivan Petrovich" or "IP Sidorov".
Please note that in the implementation, for example, retail trade, private entrepreneur has the right to set at his shop the sign "spare Parts" or "Products". An offence is deemed not to be, because these words are commonly known and are specified to inform buyers about the goods offered here for sale. In this case the full name can sound like "Products (IE Smith)".
As, LLC, IP can register the trademark in the form of a verbal designation or logo. Thanks to the registration of a trademark the owner can identify themselves in a particular sphere of goods and services, becoming recognizable in society. Such designation SP can be freely used in business activities. At the same time to specify details of the SP will need to conclude contracts with contractors and other official documents: "Shop products "Sun" in the person of an individual entrepreneur Sidorov signed a contract with...".