First and foremost the store name must be consistent with his range, pronunciation should not only sound, but also easy to remember. So you had to choose from, conduct a survey of potential customers in the area where you plan to open a shop. For interview invite a small group of students. You only need to interview those for whom created store. For example, if you open point for the sale of household appliances, to interview all possible age groups. If the trade is directed to sell the fashion brands of women's or men's clothing, interview people of working age who are potentially ready to take advantage of your range.
Visit all outlets selling the same range. Check out the name of the stores from your competitors. Spend a few minutes at each store and see which outlet comes to most buyers.
Analyze the data of the survey, and their trip shopping. All of the titles that you plan to apply, write down on a piece of paper. If you open a flower shop, the best option is to call it to a potential customer once an Association with a range or focus. For example: "Astra", "Jasmine", "Bell", "White rose", "Black Tulip", etc.
Women's clothing store is possible, but it is not necessary to call a female name, especially do not need to give him the name of a famous European brand. The name must be unique, so once the buyer had bought the goods in your shop and never forgot where he made such a good purchase.
Shop can be called by the names of fairy tale characters that are most known to modern kids, for example, "Luntik", "Leopold", "Tom and Jerry", "Carlson", "Mater" or give the shop the name of the famous cartoon "Well, pogodi", "Maya the Bee", etc.
Furniture store name so that one name told buyers about stylish, high quality and inexpensive furniture. For example, a "Furniture Style", "Euro-standard", "Comfort", "Comfort".
Consider all that you have written and select one name, which in your opinion is the most beautiful and sonorous.