Before you start to pick a name for the brand, read the basic recommendations of the experts on this. Experienced entrepreneurs believe that the name first, should not be too long. A short word is remembered much easier. Second, it may hint at a sort of your activity, but should not directly speak on it. Third, the name should be euphonious and original. Based on these simple recommendations, start to pick up the options.
Turn your name into a brand. If you want, in addition to products or services, to promote and own the name, then this option is for you. However, your name must sound original and pleasing. In this way did, for example, Dior, Cairo Plastinina and even Alla Pugacheva, who called his radio station "Alla". However, much more effective this method will work if your name is already something known. Then it will work for you. Alternatively, you can call the brand using the first letters of the name and surname, your or your business partner.
Try to play with words. Take a couple for your main kind of activity of concepts and make them interesting and memorable play on words, of course, not devoid of sense. This is a job for witty people with a great sense of language, so if you don't consider yourself such, please refer to one of your friends.
Go to the beaten trail. Now a very short and unusual names, for Example, magazines "Salt" or "Snob", clubs of "Mom" or "Wind", etc. Take any abstract concept and make a brand out of it. At least it will be original and will certainly be remembered.
Use the generator names. If you come up with a name for the brand does not work, on the Internet you can find lots of generators that you will select something at random. You can also spend fotoelektricheskie and analysis of the chosen name, that is, to know what associations people will call your name.
Refer to the experts. Such occupations are called naming – for a fee, experts will develop a name for your brand, and staff designers will choose the logo.