What should be the name of the store

Grocery shops can be found everywhere, and sometimes they coexist with each other. Your outlet will bring you a stable income, it is necessary that there was a lot of buyers. And buyers are not in the least attracted to the original title that reflects the essence of the point of sale.

The store name should be memorable, and therefore, understandable and not too long, for example, "Bread". However, originality is the name is different, but understandable and short.

The title should evoke positive emotions and tasty images that the buyer wanted to go to your shop and try on those images to yourself. Examples of such "tasty" names can serve as "Palatine", "Cheese", "Butter".

The title should reflect the essence of the store. So, if you sell baked goods, your shop need to be named accordingly. The same "Bread" makes it clear that the store to buy bread and a loaf of bread. Well, that was the original name, you can add the store name "patronymic", for example, "Bread Glebych".

Pastry shop fit the name "Sweet Paradise", "All in chocolate", "With a twist". Dairy products can be sold in the store with the sign "Milk", "Cheese", "Butter". Feel free to use the diminutive suffixes in the name, it sounds softer and more attractive to the buyer.

If you intend to sell products from different groups: bread, dairy, meat products, then there will have to dream. Examples of titles for such a grocery shop are "cornucopia", "Food of the gods", "Gourmania".

How to come up with

Name store you can think of on their own, together with their employees or partners, and can ask for help in the forums on the Internet.

If you come up with the name independently, I will consider all the rules. The name, invented by you or your employees will reflect your personality, your emotions. The forums is unlikely. Typically, the networks offer the first thing that comes to mind.


Another sure-fire way to come up with a title for a grocery store to take their own name, surname or patronymic, e.g., "Serega", "Vlasov", "U ivanycha". If you have a euphonious nickname, use it: "Pooh", "the boxer", etc.

If you open the shop is not alone, with partners, combine the first syllables of your names or names, for example, "Gamecon" (Golovin, Nechaev, Konev).

The store name can reflect its location. "At home", "around the corner", "On the porch" - these names will cause the buyer pleasant associations that are located near the house.