It's hard to imagine how many companies are not original, unpronounceable and hard-to-remember names. Cafe "Alina", a company selling furniture "omega-"... client is a cafe "Alina", if only it will not impress some exotic cuisine, a week and remember that I went to a cafe "Alina" and not "Maria" or "Elvira". The company name "omega" is meaningless and is not associated with the sale of furniture or any other goods. It is important that your company name is easy to remember, easily pronounced and not have analogues.
What will cause positive associations from customers of Mature age, young people seem boring. Therefore, a cafe bar, designed for young people must have a different name than the café bar for a more adult and respectable people. A good way to come up with a few names and show them to the members of the target audience. Then, the audience will choose itself. Or even come up with an alternative name.
It is not necessary to name the company your name or the name of a friend, relative, etc. if something went wrong, and you want to sell your business? To sell the company "Tsvetkov" harder than a company of "100 roses". In addition, the names generally are not original.
If you want to give your company name in a foreign language, make sure you know the meaning of this name. There are cases when business owners are picked just "beautiful" a foreign word, but in reality, it meant something completely unrelated to their business or even unpleasant, ridiculous.
A good name - the original name. Only the individual will help to distinguish the company in a competitive environment. Sometimes successfully invented, the original names are becoming routinely used concepts, denoting some function or object. For example, why do we rarely say "copied", not "Xerox"? We've learned that the best of all copies firm Xerox.
You can try to choose a company name by yourself or you can hire the services of a specialist - the Namer. The naming market in our country is not very developed, mostly business owners are turning or in the hyped-up advertising Agency that will not only come up with a name, but also to develop the company's brand or product, or the couple-to freelancers, having a linguistic education and experience for creating titles. Both option has their pros and cons. But if you feel that you can't come up with an original name of the company or you don't have time for this, it is better to consult specialists. Sometimes the name depends on much more than we think.