Better to call their firm 's own name, in this case, you will not even need to register the name of your company. But, unfortunately, this method is not always good – the company name should be short and memorable, cause potential customers or customers a positive Association.
Pick a company name to reflect its scope of activities, for example, "Firebird" can be called outlets, where fried chicken grill and "Trowel" - shop of building materials or construction firm. Let your imagination free and use your favorite sound combinations. For example, calling the store with goods for children, use of diminutive suffixes.
Focus on the target audience of your company, think about the clients and the customers with whom you will cooperate. Accepted name, sounding optimistic and perky. Subconsciously, people already pre-configured positive if the title has the word "Fun", "Good" and even "Cool outfit", for example, if we are talking about youth clothing store.
Use bright, catchy names, and in the case of young people say and slang. Would be appropriate and the kind of language used to communicate to Internet users, especially if we are talking about the computer lounge or Internet cafe.
But you should know that you cannot use the name of the company the names of countries and geographical regions, cities and parties are protected by law and you will have to pay for the use of these names, if you insist.
Hold a contest among their customers or customers, invite them to choose from several names that you invent for your company. Let them make the choice, the better they will refer you to the firm.
To have a few names will not interfere in the moment when you will start the registration of the company. Such a name may already be registered and protected trademark.