You will need
  • dictionary;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Often at the heart of the beautiful and intricate names are the initials of the founders (for example, Andrey Grachev - Grand; the coincidence with real names and perhaps accidentally), signs of the zodiac, places of birth and much more.

Sometimes you can get really good options, but no absolute guarantee.

Plus, the same initials can be different. For example, in Khudyakova ul'yana Igorevna (match with real name again, can be random) is certainly better to use a different principle of naming.
Most often the name comes from the activities of the future company. Experts in naming lead in the number of successful examples of, say, real estate Agency "apartment Store" or a network of furniture salons "Sofa divanych" (the latter firm is obliged, by the way, the driver of its CEO).

Universal recommendation here is difficult to give. It may be useful to study dictionaries, run activities for the associative series.

If the main source of information about the company will become the industry reference, it would be good to start with the first letters of the alphabet, ideally with "a". So it is guaranteed to be in the top lines and on the first pages.
Born in the throes of the name will not be superfluous to check for uniqueness. In the role of Antiplagiat will be the website of the FTS of the Russian Federation, where there is a service "Check yourself and your contractor. Simply enter the name, leaving other fields empty and click on search button.

The ideal - if not found any "namesake" or a small number of them. If the expense of eponymous firms is in the tens and hundreds, you should consider another option.