Please note: to open a sports school, you can only under the patronage of the state and municipal institutions and register as a non-profit organization or non-profit partnerships in the judiciary. Opening the tax authorities, OOO as a form of ownership, involving the extraction of profit, you can only organize the sports section.
Read the rules of the CPS for the organization of premises for sections and sports schools. Find a suitable place, preferably on site of existing sports facilities or near them, as almost all sports schools required professional training base. Sign a contract with the property or the Department of Moskomsporta about premises for theoretical classes and training.
Purchase all the necessary equipment and purchase or rent equipment. If you need textbooks, you can also buy or borrow in the library the sports complex. Make a curriculum guided by additional educational programs recommended by the Ministry of education, the estimated level of occupancy of groups, size of premises and the approximate schedule agreed upon with the leadership of Moskomsporta or complex. Invite employees fire and ambulance service to check the premises.
Will announce competition for the vacant posts of the coaches. Don't forget to invite your accountant and qualified medical staff. Professional trainers to find, certainly not easy, and not all of them will agree to change jobs, even if you offer them double the salary, but don't hurry. Better to spend a little money on rent while vacant space, than then all life to pay fines and compensation to the parents of children who were crippled inept coach.
Contact your local Department of education for a license. For this you will need the following documents:

- a statement indicating the name of the organization, its contact information and name of the head;
- certified copies of statutory documents;
- a certificate of registration issued by the justice authorities or the tax authorities;
a list of training programs and curriculum;
- information on the planned number of students;
- staffing and data on teachers;
- a certified copy of the contract of purchase and sale or lease of the premises;
- positive conclusion of the sanitary and fire service about the condition of the room.
Within 20 days from the date of filing with the Department of education will be required to form an expert Committee consisting of officials of administration and representatives of Moskomsporta.
Get a positive conclusion of the expert Commission, on the basis of which you will be issued a license for a period of not more than 6 years.
Place in the media and on the Internet ads on the recruitment of students in the Junior school sports.