Only in Russia more than 450 schools of the Olympic reserve. Their story begins with the 30-ies of XX century, when was created a children's sports club with the sports society "Dynamo".

Of course, the students not only in sports but also partake in the General education curriculum. However, in the first place, in any case, will stand training. Therefore, parents wishing to enroll your child in a school should think carefully whether he wants to link their fate with professional sports? It will withstand high physical and psychological stress? Is he ready for what is about relaxation and fun will have to forget that every spare moment will be devoted to training? If there is any doubt – it is better not to risk and not to break the fate of the child.

Choosing the school of Olympic reserve, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of circumstances. First, what kind of sport is keen on child, because not every school trains athletes in this specialty. For example, if a child loves soccer and dreams of becoming a professional athlete, parents should pay attention to the school societies of CSKA and Dynamo. Second, where the school is located, what it. Thirdly, what documents are required for admission (in different schools can have their particular). And so on. Try to collect as much information as possible, not to be mistaken with a choice.

Remember that school of the Olympic reserve require strength and endurance. Therefore, parents are requested to ensure that their child is regularly engaged exercise, eat right, observe a day regimen. Ideally - to observe the principle: "Dad, mom, I – sports family!" Joint Jogging in the morning, performing the morning exercises, exercise in the fresh air - all this is useful not only for children but for parents.

In short, if there is no doubt – keep a child in a school. Who knows, maybe a future Olympic champion.