You will need
  • - anti-dampness;
  • - gauze or fine mesh;
  • spray against crawling insects;
  • - a piece of chalk from cockroaches;
  • gel cockroaches.
Centipede eats small insects, flies, for what it called a Flycatcher, nesting in damp areas and in the garden under the driftwood and stones. Harm the garden plants is without. In the apartments leads a night way of life, not harm, do not bite, but nonetheless, all residents would like to see in my house is a monster.
To fight the centipedes get rid of dampness in basement, install heat vent. In apartments where there are shared ventilation shafts of the old sample, passing the toilet and the bathroom, to get rid of moisture simply impossible. Night centipedes crawl in thousands of colonies to hunt and you can find them in the bath, in the toilet, on the floor, on the walls. To prevent the invasion, install on mine fine mesh or gauze and treat it spray against crawling insects. Re-treating nets have daily.
An additional measure of the destruction of the centipede is the treatment of all cracks, baseboards, spray against crawling insects. If there is a basement, treat all the walls of the basement floor and the outside rooms with the same agent. Don't forget to take individual protective measures. Wear gloves, goggles, respirator, remove from the house all residents, Pets. All products Repack and store in a closed cupboard. Processed premises close, one hour air through the air flow.
To fight centipede baits absolutely do not work. As the insects only feed on small insects - their relatives, flies, ants and do not eat any more food baits for them just yet.
Can also handle baseboard and the cracks of chalk from cockroaches or gel.
However, to fight in the garden with centipedes there is no need. They not only do not harm garden plants, but also eat pests. Therefore, their unpleasant appearance should not scare you.