You will need
  • - a mosquito net;
  • devices for heating the air in the room.
Inspect the house including the cellar and other utility rooms. You need to make sure that the frog is really settled in the home. Try to find the cause and the source of their appearance. Frogs often appear in those houses, close to which is situated a pond or other body of water. Also amphibians like the wetlands.
Eliminate indoor humidity. Cellar thoroughly dry and ventilate. Pre-remove from the premises of its contents. Removable wooden parts of the structure dry in the sun.
Fill in the gaps and holes, leaving only a ventilation. It is better to protect fine mesh, prevents the penetration of amphibians.
Take action to eliminate insects that like to feast on amphibians. Frogs prefer to be in those places where they find suitable food. They love caterpillars, butterflies, slugs, centipedes. Treat cellar or other business premises with a special compound to get rid of insects. This will eliminate one of the causes of the appearance of frogs.
Try to keep the door to the room closed. So you can create a barrier to the penetration of amphibians. Often ventilate areas of the house, trying to keep the air in it was always fresh. Install vents in the house and in the window of a special mosquito nets. Frogs such preventive measures are very good.
Do not use for breeding frogs of the chemical drugs intended for use against other pests, such as rats or snakes. Remember, these amphibians when they are living close to the house, bring many benefits to your household, destroying harmful insects. All you need is to take preventive measures to prevent occurrence of frogs in a residential building and outbuildings.