You will need
  • - boric acid;
  • red pepper, soda ash, tobacco;
  • - alum;
  • - insecticides.
As you know, humidity is the first one the best pill bugs and habitat. Therefore, after bathing or showering, always wipe the walls dry, leave the door open. If leaking faucets or pipes immediately fix the problem. Clean hood, so that all the humidity has gone through the pipe. Removing the causes, you get rid of silverfish in your home.
If woodlice are divorced in your home in an incredibly large number, one should not expect a voluntary Exodus – start the fight. For this you'll need boric acid, which is sold in the form of powders and solutions (doing great by the way and cockroaches). It is enough to sprinkle boric acid powder (or sprinkle with solution) the place most crowded insects: baseboards, floors. Boric acid is completely safe for humans and animals, but deadly to many insects.
Dissolve 3 grams of tobacco, red pepper and soda ash in one liter of water. Pour solution into container of sprayer and spray all the corners of the toilet and bathroom (where there are woodlice). After eight hours wash thoroughly with water and adding bleach.
Mix 100 grams of alum in half a liter of boiling water and mix thoroughly. Spray the solution with an atomizer on place of the overall cluster of insects.
To get rid of woodlice, you can purchase insecticidal compositions or baits ("get", "Mole"). Put on bathroom floor or toilet, and leave to dry for 2 days. Five days later repeat the process again. Thus, you'll clear the area from unwanted "neighbors." Thus it is not necessary to forget about safety when handling, use rubber gloves and a respirator. If you have animals and children, it is undesirable to use this tool.