Invisible neighbors

ядовитые пауки в россии

Despite the fact that in recent years scolopendras are gaining popularity as Pets, for most people, these creatures are extremely unpleasant.

Кто такие сколопендры

View scolopendra really scary. This is not an ordinary centipede, but the creature with long legs and a segmented chitinous skeleton.

Centipedes that live in homes and apartments, more correctly called a fly-ordinary. In a sense, flycatchers in the home even useful – they catch flies, cockroaches, fleas, moths, spiders.

These millipedes are not too dangerous to humans, they may scare. Angry Flycatcher moves very quickly, and when contact with human skin may sting, but this sting is not more dangerous than bee.

In the southern areas are also ringed scolopendra, which length can reach 10 to 15 cm Is already much more dangerous guests, which can cause unpleasant burns.

If you are not happy guests, it is necessary first to remove from all the cracks in the walls, reduce the humidity, which attracts these creatures, to try to better ventilate the room better lighting. Themselves, of centipedes can only catch mechanical. The problem is that their chitinous layer is very strong, so to kill the scolopendra is not easy. Better to catch it in a jar and release as far away from home.

Dangerous exotics

Really dangerous for a person can be a giant centipede. In length, this creature can reach 25 not only see the Poisonous bite of the giant scolopendra, but a simple touch to the skin. Her body consists of 21-23 segments, it can be divided into head and trunk.

Each of the 36-40 foot scolopendra contains the poison, so disturbed the creature ran through the human skin, leaving severe burns.

The person who had such contact with any tropical scolopendra, guaranteed strong swelling of the contact, fever with temperatures above 38. The tumor can stay a week or two, in contact with the most poisonous instances may begin tissue necrosis. Also, there are cases when the scolopendra venom caused paralysis, muscle spasms, vomiting and disruptions in heart.

There is a scale of pain of insect bites, the starting-point of the scale taken a bee sting. So, contact with the scolopendra is about 20 times harder.

Scientists have refuted the idea that the bite of scolopendra can cause death. However, when contact with the poison of this creature, you should immediately consult a doctor.