"Good and evil" flies

мухи как он ведет себя весной

All flies, from a biological point of view, belong to the order Diptera, which has more than 80 thousand cruise individuals. If this fact is more or less clear, the more the opinions are divided. For example, some believe that flies do not bite. Others believe that these insects, in contrast, become angry and aggressive in late summer and before autumn rains.

Who really bites?

почему хомяки кусаются

Autumn Zhigalko

If we talk about the insects that live on the territory of Russia, to popular biting flies, of course, is their individual view – autumn Zhigalko. It's bloodsuckers. Thanks to gigalkin the people appeared a sign: flies bite – autumn is coming. It is important to remember that this is not the common housefly, which suddenly changed its culinary delights and has become embittered, and other kind of insect. Second name – Rusalka.
Zhigalki lay their 9-mm larvae in the manure. They pupate directly in the ground.

It looks similar to a fly room, just a little more of it. In addition, differences exist in the structure of the proboscis, and the wings are placed a little wider than the common housefly. The favorite habitat of kusalik – rural, stable, stables. After all, there is a suitable food for them.

People suffering from gigalos most often in August and September. Those who believe that they bite all year round, a little mistaken. It is worth noting that the favorite place of the bite of these flies. Year-on-year, slightly gigalo proboscis pierces the skin, injects into the wound a special saliva that prevents blood clotting, and starts to suck it. These bites do not go unnoticed - an allergic reaction is not immediate. She comes instantly, accompanied by burning and pain.


This is, perhaps, the largest flies of the order Diptera insects. Some specimens reach a length of 3 cm horse Flies are one of the most greedy bloodsuckers. The female is able to suck from up to 200 milligrams of blood at a time. For comparison, the same amount of blood can suck at the same time 70 mosquitoes.
As with mosquitoes, horseflies bite human only females. The blood they need during fertilization to maturation of the eggs. Males flies, like male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar.

It is important to note that the bites of these flies are painful and dangerous. The fact that the horse flies carry infectious diseases, among them anthrax and polio.

The tsetse fly

In Central Africa lives the world famous, tsetse fly. In addition to their painful bite, tsetse carries the causative agents of "sleeping sickness". If time does not take action, the bite will swell, and then enlarged lymph glands and you will die. From the last stage "sleeping sickness" there is no salvation. People die from deep exhaustion.