It is very unpleasant to see in your home is insect. Moreover, the woodlouse is a distributor of lichens and various fungi capable of causing harm to human health, killing the pill bugs in the living room right now.
To combat these parasites, first and foremost, you need to dry the room. The wet habitat of woodlice, so the air must be dry. In the room to put the heater drying the air, and if woodlice wound up in the bathroom, leave the door to this room open.
You should know that with good ventilation it does not infest insects. Therefore, it is necessary to check up tightness of connections of sanitary utilities and ventilation. Repair and replace plumbing and pipes sometimes give a big effect in solving the problem with woodlice.
If woodlice appeared in the Conservatory or greenhouse, they bring much harm to the plants. To destroy the wood lice, often using their tendency to hide from the light of day in loose items. In different areas of the room at night, throw raw birch brooms. Parasites the masses crawl into the broom between the bars, as soon begins to dawn. One has only to shake a birch broom over the fire, and will be destroyed a large number of woodlice. In this way in a short time can destroy the whole colony of these insects.
The study provides tools for the destruction of woodlice and other small insects. The most effective of them is "Tetrix (the Netherlands). New generic drug for combating woodlice, cockroaches, fleas, ants and s is the drug "Tarax" Russian production.
In cases where the pill bugs themselves display fails, is to resort to the services of a professional exterminator.