Advice 1: How to kill pill bugs

Woodlice are small crustaceans. Body lice are oval, gray or brown. The woodlice can be more than 5 pairs of legs on the sides of the belly. The pill bug lives in damp places, in residential areas it can be found in the closet or bathroom or in the kitchen. Woodlice feed on microorganisms and plants.
How to kill pill bugs
It is very unpleasant to see in your home is insect. Moreover, the woodlouse is a distributor of lichens and various fungi capable of causing harm to human health, killing the pill bugs in the living room right now.
To combat these parasites, first and foremost, you need to dry the room. The wet habitat of woodlice, so the air must be dry. In the room to put the heater drying the air, and if woodlice wound up in the bathroom, leave the door to this room open.
You should know that with good ventilation it does not infest insects. Therefore, it is necessary to check up tightness of connections of sanitary utilities and ventilation. Repair and replace plumbing and pipes sometimes give a big effect in solving the problem with woodlice.
If woodlice appeared in the Conservatory or greenhouse, they bring much harm to the plants. To destroy the wood lice, often using their tendency to hide from the light of day in loose items. In different areas of the room at night, throw raw birch brooms. Parasites the masses crawl into the broom between the bars, as soon begins to dawn. One has only to shake a birch broom over the fire, and will be destroyed a large number of woodlice. In this way in a short time can destroy the whole colony of these insects.
The study provides tools for the destruction of woodlice and other small insects. The most effective of them is "Tetrix (the Netherlands). New generic drug for combating woodlice, cockroaches, fleas, ants and s is the drug "Tarax" Russian production.
In cases where the pill bugs themselves display fails, is to resort to the services of a professional exterminator.

Advice 2: How to get rid of woodlice in the house

Unfortunately, most of you have seen in your bathroom or toilet these nasty insects like woodlice, scientifically- silverfish. They do not cause harm to humans, but only one of its kind cause unpleasant emotions. The main reason of occurrence of wet – excess moisture. So before you start a fight with silverfish, you need to clean up the sewer, the plumbing and the hood.
How to get rid of woodlice in the house
You will need
  • - boric acid;
  • red pepper, soda ash, tobacco;
  • - alum;
  • - insecticides.
As you know, humidity is the first one the best pill bugs and habitat. Therefore, after bathing or showering, always wipe the walls dry, leave the door open. If leaking faucets or pipes immediately fix the problem. Clean hood, so that all the humidity has gone through the pipe. Removing the causes, you get rid of silverfish in your home.
If woodlice are divorced in your home in an incredibly large number, one should not expect a voluntary Exodus – start the fight. For this you'll need boric acid, which is sold in the form of powders and solutions (doing great by the way and cockroaches). It is enough to sprinkle boric acid powder (or sprinkle with solution) the place most crowded insects: baseboards, floors. Boric acid is completely safe for humans and animals, but deadly to many insects.
Dissolve 3 grams of tobacco, red pepper and soda ash in one liter of water. Pour solution into container of sprayer and spray all the corners of the toilet and bathroom (where there are woodlice). After eight hours wash thoroughly with water and adding bleach.
Mix 100 grams of alum in half a liter of boiling water and mix thoroughly. Spray the solution with an atomizer on place of the overall cluster of insects.
To get rid of woodlice, you can purchase insecticidal compositions or baits ("get", "Mole"). Put on bathroom floor or toilet, and leave to dry for 2 days. Five days later repeat the process again. Thus, you'll clear the area from unwanted "neighbors." Thus it is not necessary to forget about safety when handling, use rubber gloves and a respirator. If you have animals and children, it is undesirable to use this tool.

Advice 3: How to get rid of woodlice

Woodlice often appear in the apartments. Their neighborhood is unpleasant and irritating. Our main base of woodlice – bathroom and toilet. To get rid of them, if you follow simple rules and take advantage of the useful recommendations.
How to get rid of woodlice

The causes of woodlice

If lice have infested the apartment, so this room is created for their existence all the necessary conditions. What these arthropods prefer? The presence of organic residues. Worth a few days to take out the garbage and woodlice will happily crawl into your home. Old paper and stuck in the far corners of the dirt is also considered quite edible dish.

However, the main source of the emergence of woodlice in the apartment is damp. Have water-loving of woodlice in dry and ventilated place extremely little chance to exist. Especially feel good arthropods in the bathroom.
Drying clothes after washing in the bathroom just increases the chances on the reproduction of woodlice.

Also the existence of woodlice depends on the light. They, like cockroaches have negative phototaxis. In the light they try to hide in any crevices. Their presence does not arise, if the room is little dark corners and crevices eliminated.

Useful tips

There are many tips on how to get rid of woodlice in the living room. For example, you can sprinkle in the corners of the table salt or spray the boric acid solution.

Effective option that will help to get rid of woodlice in the apartment, use the following recipe. A small pinch of soda ash mixed with tobacco dust and red ground pepper. Pour all the components and 1 Cup water. Ready means spray all the corners of the room. Then after 5-6 hours all of the surface treat mild bleach solution. In a day you will notice the lack of woodlice in the apartment.

To deal with annoying woodlice forever, without unnecessary costs and fast, you can suggest a chemical method. In the room where the woodlice live in a small bucket or bowl placed quicklime, which must quickly fill with water. After that, the door closed tightly. Is dangerous. Terrible smell can cause different effects, as a slight dizziness, and poisoning. Go to the room after 2-3 days. From such a chemical attack woodlice will die.
It should be noted that this method is not safe and not recommended in the presence in the apartment of children and Pets.

If to cope with woodlice you can not invite to the premises of the employees of the sanitary station. They will hold disinfestation of the apartment. For such a visit have to pay, but you will have a guarantee that woodlice won't bother you anymore.
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